Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Move Out Already..

Office is undergoing renovation at the moment. It's carried out phase by phase and I am involved in Phase 2 that is supposed to commence today, the 16th of March 2010. People have been boxing their memoirs and belonging since the second week of February but I had not started a thing. Staying true to Miss Procrastinator title, I left it to very last minute - thinking of coming in last weekend to box and move my stuff.

Well, with what was going on in the home-front, that obviously DID NOT happen. Couple that with the super efficient contractor. Phase 2 had already commenced on Monday, 15th March 2010 and my workspace is sticking out like a sore thumb.

Macam island kan with all the other cubicles being knocked down already. hihihihihihihihi

So, after enlisting my hardworking little elf to help out, the both of us came in at the end of office hours, yesterday to clean up my stuff. (Yes, I was on leave yesterday)

Khadra trying to complete one of her tasks - taking down their arts and crafts off my cubicle wall.

Got to say that we make quite an efficient team. The main objective was to MOVE my stuff. Which we sorted out by around 8pm.Yippee!

Khadra in the Before and After picture

Silly me, though. I ter-forget that I have an allergy to dust. *Yes, very princessy* So, 2.5hours of moving dust-inhabited ornaments, files, documents and knick-knacks left me scratching my hands and face in no time at all. I was literally driving home with one eye closed coz it got way too itchy and red. Felt like scooping my eyeballs out of the socket and throw it far far away - itchy. :)~~ Arrghh... Don't talk to me about the swelling cheecks and forehead. Even with my sawo matang skin tone I could see that I have red patches all over - especially around the eyes, forehead, cheek and jawline.

I had to start rubbing the affected area slowly whilst in search of Clarinase in the medicine box. Nasib baik jumpa. The swelling and all subsided in the next two hours. In the mean time, I discovered that garuan in a circular motion worked better to release the itch than garuan in a linear motion. Whaddya know, eh?

For the organization of my workspace today - I have picked up a few lateral learns:
  1. I shall use my H1N1 mask.
  2. I shall down my antihistamine before I attempt to organize.
There. Nanti dah siap seme, saya letak gambar, ok? Yang lain-lain tu, nantilah saya update. ;)

-dillz blogging out-


kucingorengemok said...

banyak 'hutang cerita' and u start with the latest one? heh.. ps: kenapa nuffnang sekarang takde adverts eh?

Amy said...

*tap fingers on the table* gambar Jazz Festival pleaseee

dillazag said...

hahahahahaha.. memang banyak hutang ceritaku... kalau tak publish cerita ni, lagi banyakkkk la hutangnya.. :) Lagipun saya ikut Last In First Out. hihihihihi

Tunggguuuuu no! :)

KS said...

So workplace baru di mana? Same building?

Ya ya saya juga mahu tgk baju ketika java jazz!!! Hehehe

dillazag said...

Same building, same floor, same wing. We were basically shrunk, same number of people to fit in less space. hihihihihihi
So they have to restructure the layout- hence the renovation.
Saya baru dapat tool baru untuk blog. Insya Allah taklama lagi update la cerita Java Jazz tu..:)