Monday, March 01, 2010

Adoi Mak Sakitnya!

My back shoulder muscles are killing me! Literally.
It was so bad today that I was sobbing whilst driving. Sakit siutss!!!

I went to see the panel doctor and she prescribed me some Ubat Tampal Koyok , muscle pills and pain killers.

She also recommended that I went for a massage.

Pictures from: here and here

I is happy(er). Benz, I am coming again soon! ;)

-dillz blogging out-


Amy said...

Sedap je nampak massage!

dillazag said...

Nampak sedap la.. tapi sebenarnya nanges dalam hati.

FarA said...

lol. i super love body massage!

Spena said...

Benz tu tempat urut ke? kat mana? both my shoulder hurts sampai nk angkat tangan pun sakit :-(

dillazag said...

You may see me smiling but it hurts so much, baybeh! hihihi

K Spena,
Benz adalah masseurs kat Thai Odyssey Bangsar Village. Also known as number 192. ;)

Mursapap said...

Weh, massage tu a good option kot..

karang leh buat mani pedi.. best wooo

dillazag said...

Madam Mursapap,
I went yesterday (dah tak boleh tunggu-tunggu dah ni)and opted for the Thai Herbal Massage. 1 hour of traditional Thai and another hour of the hot herbal thingy - macam kena tungku, okeh.
Alhamdulillah much better now. (Plus am taking the muscle pill and pain killer too) hihihihihi

Anonymous said...

What happened la?

I should check out Thai Odyssey too then. Thanks for the info!

dillazag said...

donno la.. so sakit.. almost a week already.
yesterday can not tahan, i was sobbing while driving. :( every bloody bump was like : Kesakitaaann..
Tu yang mengahdap doktor and masseurs later.