Thursday, May 14, 2009

I am Gonna Punch You

-In the car, on the way to get dinner planned out by the First One-
First One: Mom, I planned to go out tonight. Not Khaleeq, not Khaleeda, not Daddy, not you. I was the one who told Dad that we should go to the Restaurant with A and W and N. 
(Khadra gloating about her planning prowess, and the restaurant is A&W, by the way)
Mom: Really, Khadra? Good job.. 
Dad: Yeah. Good job, Khadra..
Third One: Pi, pi, pi (Singing to 1,2 Buckle My Shoe- ni kat part 5,6 Pick Up Sticks)

-on with the journey-
Mom: Oh No. Dad took the wrong turn. We are heading to the Pancake Shop. (referring to Raju's in Jalan Gasing)
Dad: Oh No. I took the wrong turn, guys.
Second One: I am gonna punch you, Dad. 
Dad: Why do you want to punch me , Khaleeq?
Second One: 'Coz.. 'Coz.. 'Coz you go the wrong way. How many times should I tell you? Don't go the wrong way, go the other way... 
Dad: It's okay, Khaleeq. I'll fix it. 
Second One: You're gonna fix it? Thank you Dad..
Dad: You're welcome, Khaleeq..

background: Third One going Pi, pi, pi.. (Still on 5,6 Pick Up Sticks - 1,2 Buckle my shoe going on repeat mode)

-dillz blogging out-


Anonymous said...

Ayeeq ayeeq.... :)

kiminusplusra said...

hahahahah klaka gilaa seriousss

dillazag said...

And he was so serious about it, too.. :)

Miss la awak.. Nanti kitorg datang Puch esok, ya Datin(g)?

ms ngantuk said...

this is soo funny. i am gonna punch u! :)

dillazag said...

I blame it all on cartoon networks! He's so into superheroe stuff and fighting scenes - teen titans la, ben 10, sonic underground la la... Asyik gaduuuuh je..