Monday, May 25, 2009

Need to Get One in There

Before I ramble on and on about why I have been slacking on the blog posts this week, let me just list out what went on last week, okies?
  1. Was in Cherating for work last Thursday and Friday. Decided to bring the troop along. Azrul got off from work and the kids skipped school. (Takpelah, after all lagi seminggu term break, maa) Khaleeda and Bibik Parmi joined in too. We were in the family room the first night and then took 2 adjoining rooms for the rest of the stay. Work was tiring. We didn't finish till it was 7pm so, the kids' entertainment was left to Azrul. There were trips to the pool, the beach, the activity room, the game room (they had the old school arcade games as well - fighting game ala-ala Street Fighter, Puzzle Bobble, etc).. So, they pretty much had their time occupied. I think they had fun since they weren't complaining when I finally get to the room. :) (will upload the pix tonight when I get to fiddle with hubster's lappie - UPDATED! 1 June 2009)
  2. Family do on both weekend nights. Mak Anjang's getting her two boys circumcized this Friday and had a little makan-makan last Saturday night. We just got back from Cherating (see item no 1 above) and only managed to join after they finished the doa selamat. *sibuk qada' tidur* The next night was a Kenduri Arwah for Ayah Teh pulak. Our nights were filled with good food *which would eventually result in item5* , good conversation and good times with the family.
  3. Spent a good portion of Sunday just with hubster. Brekkie at Chawan's with Os (apparently hubster bumped into Sujay & Poh Imm later) , made a run to Ikea to get the hanging thingy for the kids' wardrobe but still no stock, lunch at Waroeng Ayam Penyet @ The Curve and a good 1.5 hours Thai massage. Ahhhh.. soooooo sakit, but oh soooo sedap .. Must remember to "Lilek, na... Lilek.." as the therapist tried to pull me, stretch me, push me and stand on me.. Must seriously think about getting the package,lah. Think I am gonna need them.
  4. Brought the kids down for a little swim. All three of them. Khadra and Khaleeq have always loved the pool. (Need to remember to get them enrolled in a proper swim class though.) Am also proud to report that little Khaleeda is able to be independent now. She flaps her arm floaties and licks up some chlorine water every once in a while. The wading pool is just the right size for her to go waddling around on her own, all around the pool without having mommy to get wet in the process. Yeay!
  5. All the food before sleepytime and the seriously hot weather last night resulted to a very uncomfortable night's sleep. I think I was literally sleeping in my sweat! Sheesh.. So gross.. As a result, gassy tummy and sweaty smelly body greets my morning. What a way to start the week..
-dillz blogging out-


~Sasha Farina~ said...

Hello sweetheart :) Thanks for your lovely mark on my blog! Of course I don't mind you linking.. please feel free :) Love your blog too!!


dillazag said...

Hey sasha,
I always see ya around at stoodle but that banner header was what made me yonder over to your place. And I loved what I saw.. :) Welcome over to my humble abode.

Anonymous said...

Kak Dilla, I don't know how you can do all that. I only have one and feel like an old lady :(. -LaiLa-

ms ngantuk said...

dearie, i'm bored n you've been tagged. silalah layan bila u pun bored :P

dillazag said...

i am older dear, that should make you feel better..
as i'd have to chant to myself on numerous occasions;
"One day at a time.. One day at a time.."

dillazag said...

so shweet la you tag i.. nanti i buat ye yang...
*tgh bodek sbb you cakap i HOT*

kucingorengemok said...

semua budak kecik suka pool kot... pee as you please, haha (yucks)

dillazag said...

hahahahaha.. yucks!!!
my kids will pee at the shower sebab mummy malas nak bawak pi changing room..