Monday, May 18, 2009

When The Biggest Loser is Actually the Winner

Was watching the Biggest Loser Season 4 Finale last night. In fact, I have been following the show for quite sometime now, instead of my usual Sunday night doses of CSIs. We are a little behind since the United States are already onto their 6th Season. Typical Asian lag, lah. Here's the NBC's The Biggest Loser official website for their latest updates. No matter, lah..  Just glad to see a reality show that has fewer manipulation and politics and even though they vote out one person every week; everyone ends up to be a winner in the end.. :) 

Aaaaanyways, here are the casts for Season 4:   
Each one of them had their own motivations and drive to finally take their life into their own hand and make a change. Some were just tired of being too inactive, too sick, too ashamed or too *insert feeling here* .  Some had a close family/friend/relative who died at too young an age due to obesity. Some just wanted to be there and live longer for their kid(s). Whatever their reason, they were just 18 of the ordinary Jacks, Joes and Janes that got a chance to be on the Biggest Loser campus.   

At the start of the season the casts were divided into 3 teams, The Reds,  Blues and Blacks. The Blacks were actually the outcasts or rejects who were not picked and were left in the desert to train for the first two (?, I think) weeks. When the Blacks finally join the campus, they were really back with a vengence. I personally think their trainer could get through to them better than that Red one too. Tah pahapa emo tak pasal minah tu.. In the end,  the final four left standing were ALL from the Black team. Talk about determination and focus! 

How does it work, you asked? The casts were taught about nutrition, eating healthy, counting calories, shopping for healthy food, exercising etc in The Biggest Loser campus and every week there will be a challenge for rewards up for grabs.

The challenges could sometimes be physical like for example;
- Going up a few flights of the stairs to light up a multiple storey building level by level. The first team to light up all the levels would win.
Or mental ;
-  Going into a room full of delicacies with each of their calories tagged to the plate. They were given 4 minutes in the CCTV-wired room alone with the scrumptious food. The catch was, the one who gobbled up the most calories will be given a 3lb. pass at the weigh-in. here comes the moral dilemma on whether to eat for the free lb. pass or to practice what you have learnt and resist the temptations... Very scheming, kan

At the end of the week there will be a weighing-in session whereby the team with the lowest % loss will have to eliminate one member. One by one will be voted out until only 4 is left. Nampak macam senang kan? Not!!! You can really see them break walls when it comes to their last chance to work out before the weigh in. They were pushed to their limit. Some cried , some perservered, some vomitted, some gave in.. So much drama, so much drama.. Can't believe watching people work out could be so much fun! hihihihihihihi One minah ni, even asked to switch trainer in the middle 'coz she tak tahan already.. (Yes, trainer dia adalah minah emo Red team tu lah)

It does not end for the eliminated ones, however, since there are actually 2 grand prizes on offer. The 'At home challenge' promised the person with the most body weight percentage loss from their first day weigh-in a cash prize of USD100,000.00. And the winner was...

Gila, tak? Crazy amazing AND crazy psycho, right? Just look at those numbers!! He lost 186lbs. Can not imagine? Letme convert it to kilograms for those of you unfamiliar with the Imperial scheme. 186lbs equals to 84.37kg according to Encik Google. 84 kg? OMG!!! That is me plus Khadra. He managed to lose the both of us over a period of 8 months. It calculates to 51.52% of weight loss. Like, crazy, kan

Jim Germanakos was eliminated on Week 5 and by then he had only (did I just say only? *sheesh*) lost 54lbs. The other 132lbs. were lost at home. i.e. with the day-to-day temptations of bad food, no time to work out etc and still he managed to do it.. That just means that: 
-he was able to do it in real life
-he was able to change how he lived 
-he was pretty damned determined to win that night
Isn't that so inspirational?  

The other grand prize was USD 250,000.00 for the final four. And it was a double joy for Jim since his twin bother , Bill Germanakos won it! He lost 164lbs. from his initial weight of 334lbs., making a percentage body weight loss of 49.10%. His final weigh in was 170lbs. They even took out his pants of size 52 and he could practically hide behind it. The man now wears a size 32 pants! Really amazing.. 

Double joy! Double celebrations for the twins and their family. Check them out on their official website here; Weight Loss Twins

So, tak kan nak biar diorang je kurus? Saya pun nak kurus jugak.. My attempt to coax hubster to pay me 1% of the 'At home challenge' prize failed miserably for a 5kg weight loss in 6-months. Wei, ingat senang ke nak buat tu???? hihihiihihihihii Takpela, takde hadiah pun try buat jugak la.... Wish me luck. 

And the countdown begins.. Tick tock, tick tock.. 

(Picture credit: Pictures taken from here, here, here and here)

-dillz blogging out-


MimY HaMiD said...

nak kurus gak !!!!!!!!!!!!!

dillazag said...

Pegi gym masa lunch atau lepas kerja ada brani ka???
Jawab, cik.. Jawab....

Anonymous said...

Nak kurus gak. Tapi tak nak exercise. *sengeh*

Btw, kat sini langsung tak air CSI ok? Terpaksala donlod hehe.

MimY HaMiD said...

wah skrang dh berat montot la plak...semenja dh x berkecimpung..penternakan lemak sudah berlaku...huhuuh

dillazag said...

tula pasal kita kena berkecimpung. saya nak join sekali and kita ajak liyana, and fadh. jom!
saya dah swim semalam, tau... 20-lap pendek. *pergi balik kira sdua, okeh? saja nak kasi moral UP*

Inn said...

saye peminat biggest loser gak..huhu...

bukan ke finale season 4, last week..?
skrg dh start season 1 smula..
buhsan...dh week 4 arini..

dillazag said...

start dengan makan dulu dik.. exercise can come later.
btw, have you watched leverage? damn cool new series.

dillazag said...

how right you are.. i watched the rerun last sunday night. sangat teruja nak kurus!!!!

azrul said...

Leverage is good but a bit corny. Acting's a bit wooden at times. Boleh lah tapi :)

norhaliana said...

gym esok jom!

che' nah said...

It all began with the Cadbury warehouse sale.

Put the above together with the final exams self reward scheme -- grade 2 sets of scripts, reward self with 1 biji panned choc.

Total number of scripts to finish: ratusannns.

I swear I'm beginning to look like one potential contestant... uwaaaa...

kucingorengemok said...

tengok jugak ni kadang², while wondering, mcm mana dia boleh biar badan dia org jadi besar gitu in the 1st place...? pastu terasa jahat pulak :|

dillazag said...

whaddya mean? *denial* best aje, what...

ala.... outstation la pulak... *alasan, alasan*

dillazag said...

che nah,

wei... i have missed you la... oh my, do i remember those chilled winter nights menghabiskan one packet of mini wispa(s) a night. hahahahahaha... gluttony at its best!
now you have reason already ma.. need the calories to breastfeed! hihihihihi

dillazag said...

i really think it's a lot to do with the way we are living nowadays - processed food, fast food, tak nak masak kat rumah kind of life.. :(
sangat menakutkan, ya?

Marliza Radzi said...

previous season punya winner dah obese semula :(

dillazag said...

cik marliza,
really???? oh my... kesiannya dia..
i guess the good thing is (s)he knows that (s)he can do it again..
saya taknak obese.. kena usaha lebih keras..
*btw, i have started with wholegrain cereal with lo-fat, hi-cal milk for brekkie this morning*