Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Reading My Heart Out

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I just figured out how to do a TypeList and display the kewl books I am currently reading in my blog. (hey, did you know that if you entered the ISBN number, ‘they’ will make a search at and display the cover page of the book as thumbnail and of course link you to the amazon page as well.. )

I have a few books that I read in any long periods of time. Not that I read four books all at the same time. I read one book, put it down… After some time, I read another book, then put it down.. Go to the loo, reach for another book.. You know what I mean? It serves different purposes, though.

An obvious example is that I always have a book for my reading pleasure in the loo. (We have magazines and such stocked up too) So, the criteria for a book to be eligible for contending in the Loo Category are: short stories/chapters, independent of each other, needs little or no analysis or thinking. Reader’s Digest, FHM mag, Stuff mag, Cartoon strips are ideal. I also have a book handy to read during commuting or idly waiting. Those lonely minutes waiting for someone to arrive can be very testy if you don’t have anything to distract you. ( I HATE WAITING!!) - I shall name this the Idle Category. The read must not require much thinking (again?) , small enough to stuff in my bag (you can have a big one if you have a big bag) and convenient to carry around. Ideal candidates include self-help books, fiction and Reader’s Digest. The next category, I have decided to name Just So Category coz I just so happen to like doing it at that time. These are my reference books for the activities I love; such as scrapbooking, cooking, face-painting, hair wrapping — in short, whatever that catches my fancy at the particular period. I do have a series of ‘IN’ activity that I participate in.. Sometimes the passion lasts long, sometimes it just whizzes me by. But most of the time, I would buy reference books to educate myself in the particular field. (Chewah! Just a reason, lah… Actually, I am a real sucker for books..) It helps too ‘coz it gives you a new perspective on your ‘passion’ and you are well-informed about the materials/choices that are available in the market. I wish I had another category called Bedtime Category , but I don’t. Simply because I have no time to read before bed - got 2 active kids to tuck in and other frolicking activities throughout the night. (heh heh heh)

So there you have it. Now, presenting my ‘Currently Reading’ list of the moment:

1. Idle Category: Why Men Love Bitches by Sherry Argov - This was actually a gift from hubby for our 9th-year bf-gf Anniversary. (28.04.1997) It was kind of a way of telling me why he loved me. So sweet… ;) Still not done reading it. I am up to Tips No 65, I think. Still quite a lot more to go..

2. Loo Category: Dilbert and the Way of the Weasel by Scott Adams - We are all weasels — Ha ha ha. 2nd round of reading this. I just love Dilbert and the gang. Easy reading and reminds me not to take the office politics too seriously.

3. Just So Category: Total Scrapbooking by Sarah Mason & Karen McIvor - I started reading the book to educate myself about scrapbooking. It gives a detailed description on the materials and techniques needed to successfully scrapbook. There are lots of sample projects for ideas too. The presentation is also good as it comes in a ring bind. makes it easy to refer to the pages while you are working on any particular project.

4. Just So Category: Jamie’s Dinner by world renowned cook, Jamie Oliver - This is my 4th-year Wedding Anniversary present to myself. I was actually taken by the wordings in the front flap " Jamie’s Dinners is the people’s cookbook. Everything you’ll ever need to know to feed yourself and your family properly for life. What could be more important than that?" See what I mean?

The contents are cleverly sorted by kewl categories such as The Top Ten- Jamie’s all-time favourite dishes, Family Tree - learn to do the basic stuff and other kewl dishes can be derived from it , Five Minute Wonder - for the woman-on-the-go, Sarnies - Sandwiches glorious sandwiches, Desserts - My faves, Meat - you know; moos and baas (they have oinks too) , etc

The plan is that I would like to cook a special dinner for our anniversary - so, I asked hubby to get us a new oven for our Anniversary. (My stand-alone Zanussi 535 will be delivered today. Yeay! )We’ll be eating like healthy kings in no time at all… :)

Enough already, this talk about food makes me wanna check out the recipe and make my shopping list.

-dillz blogging out-

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