Friday, August 18, 2006

Convo Kids

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Convocation Day.. Day of celebrations.. Yee-ha!!! I went to the Taman Tun market to get some flower bouquets with Ibu and Mak Langkawi - one for me, one for hubby and one for Hiday. It was kinda hectic coz we had to parade into the Hall at 1:45pm and Zuhur had just begun. So, we kinda rushed over from the mosque and not make it in time. Had to be smuggled into the hall from the side coz we have apparently ‘missed the procession’.


Anywho, got me robe on, got me mortarboard on.. We were ready to rumble. That was when I suddenly realized something. There is no space for our hand-held bouquests. There was simply not enough leg room! I tried to make my way to Ibu to store the two flower bouquets but the burly usherer told me to"Duduk!" She was actually that garang.. So, I sat quietly. Hiday was clever enough to leave hers at her sister, Suhla. So, we made secret hand gestures to Suhla instructing her to please keep the bouquets for us and she agreed. She climbed down the Batu Caves look-a-like steps and made her way to us. TQ babe. Now we were flying First Class.. :)

On an unrelated matter - I think it is quite cool the way technology has eased our way of doing things. You know the Smart Card — really a smart thingy! I remember those times when we had our BEng graduation ceremony in UNITEN. We had to go through a full blown rehearsal before the actual day and we had to remember our ‘number’ and the persons queueing before us and after us. Simply because they had to read a list in a specified ‘order’. In this new era of smart technology, the graduates only had to bring their smart card to register and there were no particular order — as long as you were in the same ‘group’ of graduates. (you know, PhD receipients to one side, Masters of Buss Admin to another and lowly undergraduates at the back of the room..) Just surrender your smartcard and a piece of white paper with your name on it to the person in charge, and Walla! - out pops your name & picture on the big screen whilst the Dean announced your name.


The Pro-Cancellor, the Regent of N9 gave out our scrolls - he spoke to Azrul for quite some time. Asked him what he was doing and seemed to show interest when he replied that he was a businessman. (Wahhhhh… does this mean I will soon be a Datin?) After the ceremony, our family members (my side: Ibu, Mak Langkawi & Ema; Azrul’s side: Mek, Abg Suhaimi & Abg Amran) got tied up eating with other dignitaries seeing that they received the VIP tickets courtesy of Abg Suhaimi. So, there we were, husband and wife, waiting in the hot sun whilst our loved ones were busy stuffing themselves…

When they finally came out, we went over to the Dewan Canselori to take the studio photograph I have booked earlier. This will be ready in 3 weeks and they’ll post it over to Pantai Hillpark. Done. We also snapped a few pix around the area. By this time, me and hubby were really really hungry. So, when we got to Danau for tea, we ordered straight away and I had the best tasting Nasi Goreng Cili Padi there (Maybe it was just the tummy talking)


Well, that’s how the day ended. I don’t think it was as thrilling as my first convo, though. Maybe the familiarity kinda spoilt it for me.. Maybe I would have to do my doctorate overseas, eh? Maybe…

-dillz blogging out-

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