Monday, August 21, 2006

Music To My Ears

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That’s what you’ll read on the RM15 Program Book. Surtitles? Titles that are shared in common to identify the members in a ‘group’? Hmm… What does that mean? Not a very good first impression, I must say. I mean, didn’t they proof read it? I thought this production was supposed to be of International Standard. After all, we did pay RM100 per pax.

Hubby, me, Ema and Pez went to watch PGLTM (S2) last Friday, 18th of August 2006.We got to rub shoulders with some celebrities, though. I noticed Zahim Al-Bakri, Yasmin Hani Wacca!!! and Fazura. (Infact, Hani and Fazura sat in the same row as us.. So, it was more like rubbing ankles, like that..) The Emcee started the show by asking us to clap really loudly and delivered more bad news; AC Mizal wasn’t there and the part of Gusti Adipati will be played by Wan Shades. Dang it! I was soo looking forward to watching him..

The curtain finally opens and my jaw immediately dropped. (In a good way) WOW-wie!!! My heart was filled with pride — proud that this particular production was made by Malaysians and it was totally awesome! The casts were being lifted up and down the stage space — Hurray for hydraulics! It was indescribable (for the lack of a better word, I guess) It was truly magnificent! I was amazed, I couldn’t help but clapped really loudly everytime the main casts made their entrance.

The set was incredible — I noticed that the props were really used in so many ways. One point it was a hill, and another point in time it was the entrance to the courtyard… The movement of casts, who doubled up to set the stage. I remember those days, during our school production - we had people running around in black track bottom and CREW printed on the back of their t-shirt. Remember them? Well, none of those here! ;) The costume — genuinely original and functional at the same time. I was taken by the fact that the ladies were wearing sarongs which were actually pants! Kewl beyond words! Loved the ensemble. The songs were catchy, the direction was great great great! It was like watching a production on Broadway (I guess.. not that I have ever been to NY) My eyes were always loking out for this particular girl, Ruzana Ibrahim since she was one of Ema’s friend - even came to Pondok Azlul early this month for Ema’s party. That wasn’t really hard since she was a tall girl.. Anyways, I really thought that they were really good and they seemed to enjoy performing their numbers.

Main casts - Tiara (Gusti Puteri) did an awesome job. She was beautiful, had a decent voice and a great performer. Only comment, I think she is a little old to be Puteri Gunung Ledang. But then again, the production is her baby - whatever she wants, goes then. But, in all honesty, you go, girl! Wan Shades (Gusti Adipati) was good, but I had my heart set on watching AC Mizal. :( Yalal Chin (Patih) was great - he was not feeling well at that time too.. At one point he was coughing quite bad.. Bayan was also good and believable. Then, came in the Melaka entourage — Hang Tuah was a dream!!!! Doesn’t sound like he couldn’t speak a word of Malay. Hubby pointed out that the costume really showed off how buff he was. ( Not that I was staring or anything, heh heh heh) AND, he has such a strong singing voice… Adlin Aman Ramli (Sultan) was of course entertaining, especially when he did that fast number!


After the standing ovation, there was a little autograph signing ceremony going on at the lobby. Managed to get Stephen Rahman-Hughes, Tiara, Wan Shades, the little Raja Ahmad and Yalal Chin to sign my Program Book. (Yes, the one with English Surtitles, that one..) Then, we took some silly pictures and went home.. (Pix will be uploaded once I get it off Ema - DONE!)

Aaaahh… I sure had such sweet dreams that night..

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