Tuesday, August 08, 2006

My Little Pirate

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Khaleeq got his first 3 stitches last weekend, courtesy of a 2-inch cut above his right eyebrow. He basically tripped over some carpet and banged his head on the side of the table. We were all there - in fact, it happened during Ema’s birthday party. I changed him into his PJs already and was contemplating on putting him to bed. However, we went back out instead. Benda dah nak jadi…

At first, there was a loud ‘bang!’. I turned around and saw him on the ground, face down. He was sniffling and suddenly he was crying loudly. Khaleeq doesn’t cry unless something is really really hurting him. He’s just a tough kid. I turned him around - saw the cut and blood started to flow down his forehead, on top of his eye, to the ears and hair. I pressed my hand against the cut and then, panic sets in. Went to mom straight away and Thank God Dr Raf and daughters of doctors, Sanah and Sarah were there. They were instructing me on what to do - a towel with ice was handed to me before I got my purse and left for Pantai Medical Centre ED with my hubby.


Our entourage consisting of Ewa and the gang preceded our arrival since we had to stop for gas along the way. By the time we got there, Ewa has already started the registration so I headed into the procedure room with my little precious and managed to go through the whole ordeal with him. Each and every one of the 3 stitches… He was so helpless, bundled in the white hospital blanket and he wept throughout the procedure.. We also did an x-ray on the head, just to make sure that there was no fracture. Alhamdulillah - there was none. We had to come back Monday to let the doctor check if there were any infection and later that Saturday we could open up the stitches. Took a little photo in front of the ED with Khaleeq’s posse for rememberance.(Thanks sissy and gang — we really appreciate it)


In truth, me and hubby were wondering when ‘this kind’ of incident would happen to him. (Getting stitched and all that jazz)Khaleeq is a very active, mischievious, cheeky and playful boy. He might be watching Wiggles one minute and suddenly climbing the window grille the next. I saw him go towards the lounge one day and the next minute he was already ‘missing’. We searched high and low for him and finally found him hiding behind my mom’s crystal display. So, we were kind of expecting the trip to the Emergency Department for quite some time already. Well, it is good that we finally had that experience.. after all, it’s what being a boy is all about.

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