Monday, August 14, 2006

Scrapbooking 101

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Found a great shop in Damas to start off my scrapbooking.

I have been wanting to scrapbook for the longest time but, I always felt that it was way too expansive a hobby. This place,Zevk, however made me feel that it was possible. The owners, Amirah and her lovely Turkish hubby, are so helpful and sweet. They offer great classes- from as low as RM 10 for an intro class, a great place to work in- eventhough you are not buying anything, free use of the scrapbooking tools; and great scrapbooking supplies. They also have a stamp program for frequent scrapbookers and best of all, Double Stamp Days - twice in a month!

I have bought me a book - Total Scrapbooking - and some supplies. Started on (and finished) a few projects and am quite happy about it.





First one was about Khadra’s birthday bash .


The second one was Lidiya’s farewell gift. Third one is still unfinished and yet to be delivered to the receipient, so I shall let it remain undisclosed. Still sticking to 6" X 6" as they are economical and easiest to make. I am coming into the store quite often to copy the templates Amirah has prepared earlier.



Still not done learning from the Master, though. I am moving up onto the big stuff - 12" X 12". I intend to scrapbook about our honeymoon in Maldives coz I think those pictures truly lacks appreciation. It’s gonna be a big project and I might just share the product when it’s ready: HERE Well, at least the ones rated ‘U’.. ;)

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