Sunday, May 15, 2011

May Already?

Hola people!!!

I am so sorry yet again for neglecting this blog. I have truly missed it, for sure! No excuses this time around, I'll just try to be here more frequently, updating you with the happenings in my life. Which has been plenty, I have to assure you. :)

So, Monday will be a pretty slow one for me and the company, I guess. With Wesak Tuesday coming, a lot of my colleagues are taking the opportunity to have a long 4-day weekend. I don't blame them, really. If I had more annual leave days to my name, I would have taken the day off too. hihihihihi But, I don't. So, I shall trudge along slowly to work and just hope that the day passes by ever so swiftly. It won't be too bad either, methinks. With most people on leave, the traffic would be better and best of all, I might even get a shot to park for free!

The kids will be having their Teachers' Day celebration in school. Telematch for the teachers in the morning, class party during recess and some performances later on. So, not much schooling going on tomorrow. Except for Khaleeda that is. She has the day off. *lucky girl*

BTW, May is a double celebration month for us. My dad turns 66 today and my only brother turned 31 on Saturday. So, here's a Happy Birthday shout out to the two men in the Zaghlol household! Hope you two have a good one this year. Boy, Bila nak kahwin? ;)

-dillz blogging out-


SuAvaTia said...

yes, less traffic! but such a bore and the day is passing slowly :( Have a good monday dear :)

dillazag said...

Hey there Missy,

Yes, very veery slooowlyyyy..
I'm barely keeping my eyes open. So mengantuk already. Sheesh!

Have a good Monday, then rest day to you too! :)

Along said...

Hey, ur dad same birth date as me!! Yeah....happy birthday to your dad...hehehe

dillazag said...

Wah!!! 15th May babies all very successful one!!! hihihihihihi

Happy belated birthday, hun!