Friday, May 20, 2011

Planning for the term holidays

The schedule for the PKSR1 Exams are already out. Which means the end of term is near. Which also means the kids will be out for a 2-week break starting this 28th May 2011.

Plans have been made. We just finalized the air tickets some 2 weeks back together with the main agenda -- Hong Kong Disneyland!!!!

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We have a 5day , 4 night itinerary in which the first 2days and 2 nights will be exploring Hong Kong and the remaining 3days and 2 nights spent in Hong Kong Disneyland itself. best of all, our stay coincides with Khadra's 8th birthday. So, she will be celebrating her birthday there, Disneyland-style. Complete with decorated room in Mickey & Minnie theme and a special Disney character appearance during dinner with photo op. OMG! Dream come true?

However, the plan is still hazy on the Hong Kong part, but I've told Khadra to research on things she'd like to do there. Apparently, there's Madam Tussaud's there and they have a Justin Bieber wax figure. Definitely worthy of a visit, don't you think? hihihihihi..

Yeah, so any ideas on what to do in Hong Kong is very much welcomed. Plus, where to stay, ah? Somewhere nice for a family of 5, near to the things that we would probably like to see and do before we head on over to Disneyland.

For now, the elder kids would have to revise and prepare for their exams first. Khaleeda, on the other hand, has already made her selections on what she'd like to wear while roaming around Disneyland.

Uuuuu... I can't wait! (eeh.. Ibu dia yang berlebih)

-dillz blogging out-


Edi said...

have fun kak dilla!!!!

dillazag said...

Hey there! Thanks dear. Tengah stress dengan reports, this is one of those things that make me smile. :) Really looking forward to it!

Along said..., when we went last year, we had a blast too. We stayed 3 nights in the city then one night at Disneyland. We went to Madam Tussaud, masa tu blum ada Justin Bieber doll (yes, his would be considered a doll!!) yet. Don't forget to visit the Big Buddha, the Riverwalk, etc. Can check out my archives if you want ideas where to stay and where to go. Have fun!!

dillazag said...

Yes, please. I shall godek your archive for tips. :)
Lepas ni kena buat entry selepas pulak. hihihihi

D.N.A.S said...

Have fun Dilla & family! (Gerenti Dilla yang akan terlebih have fun punya... hehe)
Check Hanis Zalikha punya blog, dia ada banyak tips and recommendations untuk orang yang nak pegi Disneyland HK.

amy said...

amboih deydaaa...geget kang.

dillazag said...

Thanks kak Dayang! I really am looking forward to it! Yeehaww!!!

Over kan, anak dara sorang tu? She has 3 costumes that she has identified for the trip already. hahahahahahaha

Khadra dah tak nak langsung pakai princess-princess ni. Dah besar kot.

kaezrin said...

i ada full blown up entry on HK pegilah cari bawah vacation tag