Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Busy as a super honey bee

Anak dara saya will turn 8 (eight) this 3rd of June. She is so big already. So matured, so independent. Tak lama lagi nak dapat menantu la kami. huhuhuhu

This picture of Khadra was taken during the 2011 New Year Party in KLGCC. What did I tell you? Dah besar kan, anak dara saya?

Anyways, just wanted to share. Her schedule sekarang ni mengalahkan ibu dia. She's busier than me. Like no joke, okeh. Besides her normal schooling time, she has mengaji 3 times a week for one and half hours every session. Her year-long extra curricular commitments are rhythmic gymnastics on Mondays and Thursdays and drama on Tuesdays. On weekends, she has piano on Saturday afternoons and swimming class on Sunday mornings.

She is also in the school team for action song. They have just been crowned the Zon Bangsar champs a few weeks back and are now intensively training for the State level competition that happens to tomorrow - Thursday, 19th May 2011. So, that training somehow overlaps with her existing schedule, which forces her to drop drama for a term and continue in the next to be able to perform in the year-end production.

As for rhythmic gymnastics, she has to replace one of the sessions on Friday nights at a venue in Ampang, from 8-10pm. Seriously. Nasib baik lepas habis action song competition ni, baru start grading untuk rhythmic gymnastics. So, second week of the school holidays will be intensive training for the group routine pulak.

On top of it all, she's also part of the team representing the school for Disney Channel's My School Rocks. Yang ni untuk suka-suka je because of the sheer love for performing and the chance to be on TV (maybe) and the winner gets to go to Hong Kong Disneyland. So, have to slot in some training time for that new routine pulak. Which basically means weekends.

On the out-of school activities pulak, she is part of the Tree Theatre Group - a non-profit organization for kids that promotes environmental issues and the performing arts. Pretty awesome stuff. They go tree planting and performing mini shows for environmental causes and there is in fact an entourage going to the International World Children's Festival in Washington, USA this June. Sadly, we won't be joining the group this time around. Kalau tak, sure dia bertambah busy with practices for the performance during the weekends.

So, basically for these few months at least, she'll be in school after school every weekday and most weekends. Adoi, penat aku pikir schedule dia. Itupun she didn't enrol in cheerleading. Kalau tak, pengsanlah ibu dengan anaknya sekali. :(

Kadang-kadang, kesian jugak tengok dia. She comes home tired and sometimes I catch her crying due to exhaustion. Tapi, bila cakap dengan dia, we didn't force her to do all this. She was the one who wanted to pursue it all. She said she doesn't want to give it up. Perserverelah Khadra. Sikit je lagi.

We just have to take it one thing at a time. For now, let's just focus on the action song state level competition tomorrow. Gosh, it's tomorrow, y'all! Ibu dia yang nervous lebih. I have already taken leave for it. Have to. Our day will start very, very early tomorrow. Need to be made up and be at school by 6am. I'm thinking of stopping by for hotcake breakfast at McDonald's with my daughter tomorrow. She'd like that.

All the best, darling. I know you'll do great. No matter the outcome, just have fun and dance & sing your heart out. I'll be there by the stage, cheering you on! Love ya, Kakak Khadra!

-dillz blogging out-


Marliza Radzi said...

Dah komen kat Twitter but upon reading your latest tweet, decided to drop my comment here ;)

One day, semuanya will pay off. I'm sure she'll grow up to be a wholesome individual :) Sejuk perut mama dia mengandung.

Entry seterusnya cepat! :)

KS said...

Fuhhhhh.... kalah yb!!! membacanya pon dah penat camnalah anak u bertahan ya?? Go khadra!

Good luck esokkkk!!! ;)

Sareque said...

K.Dilla, my dot is attending the normal Kafa class after primary. Been having thots abt this since day one cos she wanted to have other out of school activities. But for now her school day is packed. Sabtu je ada masa for art class and ballet. Sunday is rest day or family outing. Cemana?

dillazag said...

hahahaha. Thanks for indulging me. You are too sweet. *hugs*

Tapi, sungguh la. Tak semangat nak tulis entry kalau takde comment. I need to stroke my ego sometimes too.

Anyhoots, moga-moga doa anda termakbul, Amiinnnn. ;)

dillazag said...

Ni dah menghampiri tahap bini menteri dah ni. hihihihihi

Susah nak cakap la yang. Depends really. In Khadra's case, she goes to a very flexibly timed ustazah 3times a week to cater for the Quran reading, Arab and Agama. The ustazah even teaches solat semua. So, I'm OK with her not going for Kafa. Kalau nak skip Kafa, you need to find the alternative options that are available for you.

Didie said...

Wow, super kid and super mom!! :-D Good luck Khadra!!

Anonymous said...

Miss Poyo,

ok, fine, aku komen.. hehehe..

pretty hectic schedule for khadra! she takes after u kan! suka beraktiviti! :)


dillazag said...

Down side is it gets a little overwhelming at times. :(

Tu lah. Aku rasa, dia ni another Minah Giat macam aku gak. hihihihihi
Tapi, part hectic ni seasonal je. Only around competition time.

jelita78 said...

for an 8 yr old?

speechless aku!

dillazag said...

Seriously. In fact ada lagi budak-budak yang lagi busy dari dia. I told her that she has to really choose what she's willing to commit to and stick to it. But, these performing stints she really loves. Baik sekarang kot, rather than later.