Monday, May 23, 2011


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K1 and K2 will be having their PKSR1 exams starting today. Four days of exams.

Today : Bahasa Melayu and Agama
Tomorrow: Math and Science
Wednesday: English and Music
Thursday: Arab and Pendidikan Seni

Khadra is no stranger to exams, but this is officially Khaleeq's first. We are not stressing over it though. Buat je lah apa yang terdaya. Best part is, after this whole thing is over, we have our vacation to look forward to. Woot!

Khaleeq was telling me the other day, "Mom, this exam thing is killing me. "
Drama King.
Exam pun belum lagi.
I'm thinking this could be due to the imposed conditions I have put in place during exam week - no TV, no iPad, no DS Lite. Only toys and story books allowed for break time. I have also stocked up the fridge and pantry with loads of sugary stuff - packs of Milo, Vitagen, Calci-yum, Oreos, Pringles, Twisties, Cheezels, etc. Just to get a lot of brain activities going.

Preparation pun biasa-biasa je. Normally, we would go through the optional activity books for Khadra. But, most of the topics have been covered during Formative 1 and 2 exams anyhow. So, this time around, she's doing some past year papers. For Khaleeq, since there has never been any exams for him ever, (Standard One takde Formative exams) I thought, well.. belasah je lah Khaleeq. He has done some BM revision in his Bahasa Melayu extra classes that he's been going to for the past few months anyways. Agama and Arab pun ada jugak sikit-sikit revision at the Ustazah that he goes to mengaji to. We have also started to prepare the stuff he needs for his Seni exam. He's making a collage, so loads of menggentel-ing of crepe paper involved. This time around, biar dia tau je what exams are all about. And that he will not die from it. *Sheesh*

After going through the normal pep talk, "Do your best", "Answer all the questions", "Check your answers", "Jangan tidur"... we recited the doa penerang hati together in the car this morning.

There's nothing else to say now, just ..

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Tawakkaltu 'alAllah.. :)

All the best kiddos!

-dillz blogging out-


Amy said...

All the best munckins! Drama tau Khaleeq ni hihi.

dillazag said...

on the mommy's behalf:
Ada pun orang comment.. :) hahahahahaha

on the kids' behalf:
Thank you Aunty Amy!!!!