Friday, October 02, 2009

Really, which is the best way?

We have been based in Puchong the past week and I have had to drive my way to work at Menara TM in the morning and back to momsie's at the evening / night. So, the past few days had reminded me how much I have missed living 5 minutes away from the office. Saya bersyukur that I do not have to go through the traffic jams plus lorry rosak by the side of the road and rain which ultimately results to more traffic jams on my normal days.
Morning rain jam - isn't it the best? Not.

Aaaanyways, the reality is that Parmi won't be back until Sunday next week and I have yet to figure out the best way to get to Menara TM in Jalan Pantai Bharu from Puchong.

This is my current route:
KESAS Highway (RM1.60) -> MEX (RM0.00) -> NPE (RM1.60) - the bitch about this route is that from NPE toll at Pantai Dalam to Angkasapuri is a mess! :(

Others already in my list:
Jln Puchong -> Jln Klang Lama
i) variation 1 - take the short cut through Kampung Pasir flats and come out at the Angkasapuri NPE
ii) variation 2 - take Jln Klang Lama all the way -> MidValley (via Kg Abdullah Hukum)

Of course there's also,
- the LDP (RM1.60) -> NPE (RM1.60 + RM1.60) route, but there's 2 bitch points there at the Sunway toll and the Pantai Dalam toll. :(
- the LDP (RM1.60) -> Federal Highway (RM0.00) but sure jam tak hengat. :(
- the KESAS (RM2.20) ->
i) variation 1 - Besraya (RM0.00) -> NPE (RM1.60) , jam weh kat underpass going to Jalan Kuchai tu, plus need to queue at the NPE Pantai Dlam toll (as above)
ii) variation 2 - the freeway , ikut Desa Waterpark, cilok through midValley (via Kg Abdullah Hukum) - still jam,jam, jam..

Have you got any other that I have not considered?

-dillz blogging out-


JY Shops ~ The Latest Fashion In Town said...

~sigh.. seems like everywhere also jam jam jam.....

this is KL/PJ lor...

Along said...

Kak Dilla, when I used to live in Puchong, I followed Kinrara, then masuk mana ntah...hehehe..tembus kat NPE but no toll, then somehow end up at Jalan Klang Lama, then follow the road sebelah Angkasapuri tu (tak tempuh Mid Valley). Hmm...can only show if I'm in the car with you. Heeee...

Amy said...

Looks like you have used up all possible way..Along's suggestion to nampak macam potential no jam tu. Bleh la kut consider. Saya skarang coomute naik LRT dari Bkt Jalil ke Dang Wangi :)

~Sasha Farina~ said...

takutnya... i hate traffic jams!!

Amy said...

*tongkat dagu* bila la Kak Dilla nak update ni..

IBU said...


Ur options tu, tak bubuh "time of travelling" so camner nak compare with the 5 mins drive from home. But I'm sure they are all more than 5 mins la kan.... alahai....

dillazag said...

JY - you got that right..

Along - I think I know. My sister was teaching me that shortcut too - keluar kat rumah2 flat and that big loji tu kan?

Amy - senang kan? the timing in between trains lama tak?

Sasha - hihihihihi.. We have a friend who would get out of KL before 4pm coz he loathes the jam. *serious*

Amy - Dah balik dah... ;)