Thursday, October 01, 2009

Nice to meet you, Time Traveler's Wife

Meet my pile of yet-to-be read books (Abaikan moleskins itu, ye.. Itu project terbengkalai Queen of HHTA) :

Despite the fact that I have yet to khatam the rest, I have added yet another one to it, courtesy of Azrul. (Eh, tetiba*ke sengaja?* lak tak bawak purse hari tu..) Yeay!! Actually , I wanted to add two to the collection, tapi takde stock. But, still.. yeay! nonetheless..

Here it is..

I have heard mixed reviews about it. Those who loved it, loved it dearly and those who hated it, really despised it. So, let's just say that I am intrigued!

Tapinya, entah bilalah nak baca
, I don't really know with the bibik-less situation and workpile that has reached my nose. But, let's just be positive about it and Insya Allah, I'll get round to reading it. :)

BTW, anybody knows when this is gonna show on the Malaysian shores?

-dillz blogging out-


D.N.A.S said...

The Time Traveler's wife ni tengok movie aje la... hehehe. At least ada Eric Bana.

dillazag said...

Eric Bana!!!!
gugu ga ga..
The Ugly truth pun tak tengok lagi. Ahh STRESS!

the principal said...

k emy dah postpone the ugly truth dah lama. maybe terpaksa tengok kat pirated dvd je..

i read separuh TTW. Not to my liking...

ms ngantuk said...

it's coming out real soon. tp must read the book first. aritu raya cari at popular klang boleh xde lak..geram sungguh! btw k dilla, start reading whr rainbows end dulu.. senang nk finish once u get giddy n excited.

dillazag said...

k emy,
saya pun kena join akak tengok si eric bana tu tgk dvd gak.. takpe lah, at least boleh terus simpan.. :)

dillazag said...

nasib baik i jumpa kat boarders last tuesday. si lost symbol tu la boleh habis stock pulak... nanti nak pi carik kat gardens.

nak kena baca where rainbows end dulu ke? I have been lugging the catcher in the rye in my handbag since don't know when and finally decided to shelf it yesterday. memang confirm takleh baca. Nak reprioritize to your recc lah. hihihihihi.. :)

thehappybunny said...

one of my favorite books! Bawled my eyes out! I see you also have the book thief, cant seem to find it anywhere! Where did you get yours from?

ms ngantuk said...

whr rainbows end senang nk baca n finish. tu i suruh u kickstart reading yg tertunda list with it first.

dillazag said...

thehappybunny ,
got it at boarders in the gardens. try your luck there!

i finished where rainbows end already. hari ni baru nak start time traveler's wife! :) *giddy already*

Shariz said...

Hi dillazag. I love Time Traveler's Wife. Sad ending. I actually cried. Maybe coz I'm the emo type...hehehe...but as u said before, those who loved it, loved it dearly...well, I'm one of them ;P