Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Update on My Wishlist

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Remember My Wish List ? Just thought I’d update you on it seeing that I HAVE GOTTEN ALL THE THREE THINGS I WANTED! (Did that come out a little too loud?) heh heh heh


This is my husband. And, that was the first picture I took with my brand NEW T-10 Sony Cybershot! I was actually kinda surprised by it. But in true Dilla-fashion did not react to the surprise that well. You see, hubby told me over the phone that he’s got a surprise for me. Seeing that I was with my Datin-boss at the moment, we were brainstorming on what the surprise could be. And, she told me the only 2 times she got a surprise from her husband, a brand spanking BMW was waiting for her at her garage. Both two times! :) So, historically speaking, things could only be good, right?


I went over to my hubby’s office and there it was, waiting for me on his work desk. My reply? "Oh, thank you.." That’s it. Ha ha ha. In actual fact I was jumping for joy inside.. Deep down inside me I was showing reaction, honest! :)

I am completely ecstatic over it! I love it so much coz it was exactly like my T-9; only it’s better. It’s got both the anti blur thing and the anti-shake stuff which I don’t know how to explain. But, trust me, it is indeed ALL good.. And I never thought whitecould look so good on a camera! It really does! :)


This my friend, is a shot of my MyVi steering. Look closer and you will see that the Odometer reads 0012. Mind you, I had to stop by the roadside to take this shot. :) We received the car from Anne, the sweet salesperson from Perodua Taman Tun on Monday; the 25th of September 2006. My MyVi colour: Mocha Silver. My MyVi plate number: WPH6175. What random string of numbers, you might think. Think again my friends, as there is meaning behind it. For WPH stands for Wanita Paling Hangat and by putting dots in strategic locations of the number string reveals my birthdate: 6.1.75. Perasan, I know… But then again, it is MY car and this is MY damn blog. I shall write whatever I please!

Funny thing though, when we received the car, the plate number reads WPL6175. That was when my hubby noticed that something was amiss. Takkan la Wanita Paling Langat , kot? Rightfully so, the JPJ registration was for WPH6175 but the number plate was wrongly made. So, Anne helped us redo the plate and I was off my merry way driving below 80kmph for the next 1000km. (Of course I took stops!) So now, I officially have a car to my name! Syoknya Raya…


This is an iPOD shuffle. Hubby decided that enough is enough and we should get an iPOD each in order to peacefully go to the gym. We decided that we didn’t need an iPOD Nano since the objective here is for the gym. An iPOD Shuffle seemed to be the more logical and financially viable option. A Shuffle would just have to do! :)

SO, he got one for himself and I get to keep my Nano. I don’t have to run with my earphones stuck to my handphone. Problem solved. PLUS…


Here’s a picture of my favourite thing in my kitchen. A Zanussi ZOE535 Electric Oven / Grill. I asked for this for our 4th year wedding anniversary. It really complements the new found knowledge I got from reading Jamie Oliver’s cook book. So far we have experimented on the Rosemary Roasted Chicken, some Shoulder of Lamb thingy — all thanks to my lovely oven! Lately, I bought some DIY Brownies’ packages to try and it turned out great! (Really! If you don’t believe me, seek the following persons: Khadra, Khaleeq, Azrul, Suhla or Hiday) I am planning to try at least one kuih raya this year. Most probably, Biskut Arab since it is so simple to do and I just learnt how to make it from Ziezi.

So, it is quite safe to say that I am very happy with my new assets. heh heh heh. I think this "Write it down, and it will come true" thing really works. I’d better start writing some more stuff down! (Kiasu, tak?)

-dillz blogging out-

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