Friday, October 13, 2006

The Photoshoot

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Did you notice the new photo album I have? I meant this one –>The Photo Shoot Photo Album This album is actually a small collection of two separate photo shoots ; one for The Azruls and another for The Zaghlols. The photographer responsible for the shots is none other than Azmir Z. , Azrul’s friend from his days back in Lucent. He now operates Smokescreen Photography which specializes in wedding photography.

We actually wanted to take some pictures of us clad in our graduation gowns with the whole scroll and mortarboard thingy. However, a pose at the convocation ceremony would have costed RM100. So, we decided to seek for professional / semi-professional help and we thought we might as well take a family picture while we are at it. I was actually taken by Smokescreen tag line — Acceptable Quality at Affordable Price. (ha ha That’s me! That’s me! I am a Cheapskate!) I mean, I don’t really need a super professional job at it, as long as I look nice, it should be good, right?

We were pleasantly surprised with the quotation and did the first photo shoot in Pantai Hillpark, both indoors and outdoors. The prints came in a few days later and a sample can be seen in my digital Photo Album. I have them showcased in IKEA frames everywhere in my little house and some I will use for my scrapbook project. We even got a CD of the whole photo shoot too.

I showed them to my sissys and they too wanted a photo shoot. Since Ema was around at that time, we had the whole gang gathered in Pondok Azlul and our raya pictures were taken. :)

Everyone’s happy with the outcome and we’d be making a family calender out of the pictures too.. Cool, no?

Azmir can be contacted at 012-2000361 or

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