Friday, October 13, 2006

Kubang Kerian United

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We took the AirAsia flight to KB at a bargain price of RM260 for our family of four. This was done months ago, before the arrival of Bibik Parmi. At that time, we didn’t even know whether it will be a Parmi, Fuaton or Wati. (Just some random names of Indonesian maid that I know of :)) So, prior to the trip, we had to make a decision on whether to bring Parmi along or endure 5 days without help with the kids. An additional RM200 PLUS an extra pair of hands to handle the awesome two vs. No added cost BUT having to take care of the kids on our own. Having just been back from the Pangkor trip with the kids without assistance, we decided that the RM200 would be money well spent. So, Parmi had to come with and with that I have bought myself a couple of extra minutes of sleep in the morning.


You know, this trip really highlighted one trait of my son, Khaleeq. That boy is so darn shy! Look! He was covering his face the whole journey from Pengkalan Chepa airport to Mek’s house in Kubang Kerian (KK). For those of you not very familiar with the region I have grown very fond of, that’s approximately a 20-minute drive. The Naza Ria that picked us up was only filled with 2 of his cousins and his aunty who was driving the car. As soon as he got to Mek’s place, however, he was a little better. Maybe coz he really knows his granny. :) I think he’s only terribly shy of unfamiliar faces. So unlike me.. heh heh heh


One of the things I loved about KB is the Gok Kapur market. Look at all the fresh seafood. We bought squids, tenggiri slices and prawns. This will constitute the bulk of our meals at Mek’s place. Other times, we buy! There’s so much to choose from. For breakfast, hubby will buy Nasi Berlauk, Nasi Dagang or Nasi Kerabu from the stall by the roadside. (I don’t know where exactly because I’ve never been — still catching up on my beauty sleep when this event takes place) . For the heavy meals; we have Zakinie Nasi Kukus, Nasi Air Mak Su Nab , Yati Ayam Percik or the array of food stalls near the Pasar Siti Khadijah. During this trip, we were lucky to experience the first day of Ramadhan in KB. So, off to the Stadium we go for the Ramadhan Bazaar. The were 4 rows of canopy on one side of the stadium and another 5 rows on the other. Food, food, glorious food.. (Actually, we planned the trip to coincide with the first of Ramadhan in KB –heh heh ) On top of that , KB also has a selection of venues for night caps. We went to MacB opposite Hospital USM for a little minum-minum with hubby’s ex-primary schoolmates one night. The other place worth mentioning is White House, a kopitiam place that I heard rave reviews about but never ever set my foot on. Maybe next time.


The trip was also fun for the kids as they met up with their cousins. Khadra and Khaleeq especially enjoyed the bicycle ride at Ayah Aa’s place. Jakun, kot - seeing that we don’t have additional space for such activity at home. Khaleeq also loved running around and playing ’sandcastle’ at Mek’s yard.


Too much fun in the sun however had its consequences. Khadra started throwing up and charting high temperature on the third day in. Then, Khaleeq followed suit. At one point he was at 39.7 degrees C. That was a little worrying as high fever can cause serious complications to toddlers. However, we are very thankful for Abang Azhar who went out of his way to provide for the medications for them. :) So, the final days in Kelantan were more of nursing the kids back to their health - sponging them to keep the temperature down, engaging in little battles when it is time for medicine, cleaning after them after their vomit… It’s just soo heartbreaking seeing them so weak when you know they are so darn active if they were well…


All in all, the trip was a good one. Just look at my baby’s face as he rides the LCCT trolley. :) In truth, I always look forward to my trips to KB coz it feels like I am going back to my own kampung. Though KB is NOT AT ALL a kampung; I mean with Billion Supermarket, 4-star hotels, SSF, Bilal, Pizza Hut, KFC and KB Mall … That’s soooo NOT kampung.. You know what I mean… Till we meet again KK — we’ll be back! ;)

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