Thursday, October 12, 2006

There's A Tikus In My Ear

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Imagine that you were a thousand miles away from your kid and she’s wailing over the phone saying "There’s a Tikus in my Ear". What can you do?

In my case, I didn’t have to imagine coz that was exactly what happened when I was away for a work-related matter in Labuan. It was only a 2-day one night trip as I didn’t want to spend many nights away from the kids. We went on Monday morning and was due to return on the evening flight on Tuesday. Should be okay, right? Well, it wasn’t okay.. It seems like the universe revolving around our family began to collapse as soon as I boarded the plane.

Khadra was just watching TV and rolling on the carpet when she suddenly complained that there was a Tikus in her ear. Concerned that it might be some kind of bug, Aunty Ida tried to check and get it out from her ear but to no avail. By now she is shouting and wailing and getting really agitated. I was soon informed about this little incident but remained quite calm. After all there was nothing that I could do from this side of the country, right?

So, hubby, accompanied by Tara took her to our panel clinic to check it out. That didn’t help much as Khadra had this little thing with doctors — she didn’t like them. It’s nothing personal though, she just doesn’t like any doctor that is trying to do a check up on her. If it was on Khaleeq or the rest of us, she had no qualms about it. Please proceed, just don’t bother me. So, she basically refused inspection on her ear. I later heard it from the doctor herself that she stood in the consultation room in the clinic with her hands folded and mouth pouted. The only thing Dr Nirmala K. Malini from Klinik Desa Sri Hartamas (formerly known as Poliklinik Suhaimi) could do was to write a referral to Pantai Medical Centre (PMC).

I got my update yet again and hubby took her to the Emergency Department (ED)in PMC. I spoke to Khadra over the phone and all seems to be under control now that the Tikus has been reduced to a Semut. :)

After waiting at the ED, the troop were sent out to an ENT specialist where they were to wait yet again since the Dr was out on his rounds. After finally getting to meet the Dr, they were sent back to the ED since Khadra refused to let the Dr look into her ear. Aah.. here we go again.. More waiting and finally they decided to sedate her. Now they just have to wait for the anaesthesiologist (sp?). After the first dose, she was still very very active and didn’t show any signs of being ‘weakened’. They gave her another one and she, well… showed no effect. In fact, she was on the phone with me and thought she sounded kind of hyper. Hmm… what to do, what to do? The ED suggested that they stap her down — If that could have been done, then why the hell didn’t you do it earlier and not subject us to the waiting of 3 hours? Duuh… So, hubby took her away for a drive. That still didn’t konk her out. My hubby called me relating to how "She was trying to sleep and please don’t marah me". Sedih la pulak aku… :(

Finally, at about 8pm they warded her and brought her into the Operations Room. (Sounds kinda scary, does’t it?) They put her to sleep and checked out what was really in her ear. No, it wasn’t a Tikus. Not even a Semut. Thankfully it was just WAX. Just hard wax, on both sides of her ear. Took it out, and she was warded for a while. Tok Ki, Wek and Mak Langkawi even came for a visit. Azrul brought her home the same night, and I was relieved and could now go for Karaoke in peace. :)

All that drama, Khadra.. for wax.

-dillz blogging out-

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