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Sunday, October 17, 2010

And Another Long Unplanned Leave

Well, not very long this time. Just 7 days of MC from the day I was warded in Pantai Medical Centre, Bangsar.

Warded, did I say?

Sorry, getting a tad ahead of myself.

This is how it happened.

I was having breakfast with some of the mommies from Khadra's school at Pekan Kopitiam. A joint that was very near to the school. I actually was not very keen on going since I was experiencing "tummy upsets" since the night before. "Upset" here, actually refers to pains in the tummy without the urge to go to the toilet. Gassy, cramping - enough to make you cringe and just wanna curl up in bed with a pillow firmly pressed on your stomach. That kind of "upset".

So, back to my story. ( Suddenly having an eerie feeling that this narration is a little bit like How I Met Your Mother. Hahaha. Influenced by @azrulx lah ni)

We were about to leave when suddenly I realized there was a small puddle of blood on the Kopitiam floor.
And on my seat.
A little check on my hiney revealed that I had a bloody spot on my baju kurung too. (mind you, we are talking about 2 layers of kain and 2 layers of baju here - both had lining)
Panic set in.

I told my breakfast buddies about it and they were very quick to respond.
A little convo exchanged on whether I have had my menses yet since my last D&C procedure on 18 August 2010, to which I replied a No. We decided that it was best to send me to the hospital right away to have this checked. Ziezi thought it would be a better idea to send me straight to Dr. Hamid Arshad's clinic that happened to be some 50meters away from where we were. Fiza took of her cardigan for me to wrap around my waist. Melor was beside me already memimpin me to walk. All the time I was literally dripping blood trails and my head was slightly woozy already.

Nasib baik the clinic was already opened by then and the good doctor had surgery thst morning. So the place was not its usual packed self. Me and my entourage waited by the registration counter in the lobby. It was pretty gruesome - I could physically feel the gush of blood coming out in batches. They had to put a liner on the stoll I was sitting on as well as under my feet. There were just sooo much blood. Rasa macam telenovela pulak. Punyalah drama. :( A few phone calls ensued - packing my stuff at the office, getting some items from home to change into seeing that my panties and my baju were drenched in my own blood, getting all the said stuff over. (Thank God for Saufi)

Anyhoots, the doctor suspected that I was pregnant - very early pregnancy lah coz the ultrasound image showed there was a sac of blood in my uterus. Another D&C procedure was scheduled that evening. Myself? Entahlah. I felt numb. Takda perasaan. It ran on auto-pilot right after. Getting myself checked into the hospital, yadda..yadda..yadda..

Fact is, I've had 2 D&C procedures in 2 months. Wow! That is some kind of record in the Zaghlol clan. Thing is it can not be good for the body, can it? Bottom line is I have to start taking better care of myself. *Sigh*

So, that's my update. How have life been treating you this past couple of months?

-dillz blogging out-


The Little Kids Closet said...

Get well soon! Kesian kat u. This time round better try to pantang betul2 mcm org bersalin k, so u will gv ur body a chance to properly recover, insyaAllah. Take care.

dillazag said...

Truthfully physically saya tak sakit pun. But the thought of what it's doing to my body scares the shit out of me. :(

ZaTiL said...

Get well soon Dilla... Sedih pulak I baca walaupun the way u wrote this mcm takde apa... Take care of yourself...

Anonymous said...

Pantang 100 hari la dilla.After 6mths baru plan buat baby baru, biar fully recovered. Get well soon k!


Anonymous said...

Owh wonder diam jek. Shell told me about it just last night, we had a karaoke session with BBGS girls. She read from Twitter and told me. U take care eh akak *hugs kekuat*


dillz... pasang iud cepat! i know you don't want to hear this but i honestly feel that you're putting a strain on your body. we're not getting any younger by the day babe...

other than that, please take great care of yourself ya. this time, kena pantang betul2 ye coz eventhough you think you're okay but actually your body is still recovering. love you babe!

Along said...

Kak, I have to agree with Nora. Please take the necessary precaustions against getting pregnant. I know..maybe you really want to be pregnant right now. I've been there..and I suffered thru 3 concurrent pregnancies because I refused to listen to my own body.

For now, you need to think of yourself and your health. Take care.

jelita78 said...

hoo shoottttt!!!!
giller suspen!!!
u sure u ok ni??
dammnnn.. serious horror citer u ni!!
oh thank god u're ok and tak pengsan tetiba.. phewww..
well, glad u're ok, and i believe it's a high chance for future pregnancy, aye??
but maybe in a couple of months or so..
not too early yer..

Linda said...

kak Dilla, please-please-please take care & do you pantang properly this time...kalau boleh elakkan "cold" food & drinks...

Zaimah ADP4 said...

Kak Dilla Dearest,

I met Azrul kat minimart bawah hosp the evening you were scheduled to undergo D&C. (Azrul recognized my face, but I bet dia mesti tak tau my name hehe) Anyway, semoga cepat kembali sihat Kak Dilla.

the principal said...

take care sis

Anonymous said...

Dilla.... take care tau, jgn keje berat2 sgt... slow down a bit... sayang badan tu.... hopefully semuanya will be good. muaaahhhh...


Norazlina Mohamed said...

Oh dear... wish you a speedy recovery. Be strong huh?

n.i. said...

Ya Allah... do take care of yourself dear!

edi said...

kak dilla dear,
sorry to hear this.. take care ok! makan pill la utk temporary precaution... i pun pernah 2x d&c.. walau x sakit tp mmg akan ade effect kat badan kita.. body kite ni nak pakai lama... (kalau panjang umor lah i'allah).. so take good care of your body k!


Nomee said...

Moga cepat sembuh kak.

kucingorengemok said...

hang in there, semua ada hikmahnya... hugs

fatin... said...

kak dilla... make sure this time pantang betul2 like lepas org bersalin.. if possible g urut2 cam lepas bersalin gak.. biar badan betul2 segar...

fatin arituh pun camtuh..lepas DNC.. period lambat..ingat dah pregnant again coz bile wat pregnancy test..+ve.. tetibe bleeding byk gile.. g my gynea...check2 balik.. wat pregnancy test balik.. -ve plak.. so she said.. kite treat as period la.. nasib baik..kalu tak..DNC again la jawabnyer..

anyway kak dilla..take care.. insyaAllah ade rezeki nanti.. what happend ade hikmahnye.. Allah knows what is the best for you.. :)

Superfluous_Babe said...

*hugs* ... kak dilla, rest well and recover fast ok. hope everything will be fine and dandy soon.


take care tau. badan tu nak pakai lama :D