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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lunching at Saba'

Personally, I have been meaning to try Restoran Saba' in Cyberjaya since I read Kucingorengemok's review on the place. As my off-puasa day has been strategically picked on the day I had to go to Putrajaya, we took the opportunity to have our lunch in Saba' yesterday.

Finding it was easy enough. After taking the Cyberjaya exit on Maju Expressway (MEX), just follow the signboards to CBD Perdana. If you are familiar with Cyberjaya's Street Mall, well, this establishment is on the opposite side of the road. The restaurant is the very full one with the blue signage, you won't miss it! Careful, don't piss the Pak Guard on duty there, do not park haphazardly near the complex. He would be blaring his whistle non-stop! Parkinglah secara haram by the side of the by-road and save the patrons some noise pollution.

We found out that they sold flavoured malt drinks with 0.0% alcoholic content. There were loads of flavour: apple, strawberry, raspberry, bari-bari.. *sorry, tak kelakar, private joke disini* Jenamanya adalah Barbican and Bavaria and the packaging looks a lot like a beer bottle. I have seen them in al-Rawsha the last time we went there, tetapi adalah takut untuk mencuba. Sebab kawan-kawan pun ramai, this time around kitorang try ajelah.. Linda ordered lime juice which we think has been mixed with yogurt(?). Worm water was also ordered. (nak ikut KOG)

For food, Adeeb had chicken Hanith ber-size Qecil (Quarter), bukan Hesar (Half),*sorry, another private joke disini* the rest of us took the grilled menu - Mixed, lamb and sish tawook with Lebonan bread. (OK, tips penaja: Please order at least one meal less than the total number of people in the party. Downfall tidak menurut tips ini: you'll end up eating more than you should - like me!)

The bill came up to RM82.00 (inclusive of the Worm Water that was rightly spelt as Warm Water in the receipt *hampa*) We came back, very very full. I think my shirt buttons were about to pop yesterday! Definitely need to go on with puasa today..

-dillz blogging out-


kucingorengemok said...

yaaa, mencuba telah! weekend hari tu kami pegi, servis dah improve i guess sbb dia dah ambik malay staff - at least faham lah apa kita nak... dulu tu mcm international students kerja part time cari duit poket. ckp melayu tak tau, ckp english accent tak kena... parah!

dillazag said...

You are sooo right!! We only had one encounter with a foreign waiter. Bolehlah faham, cuma macam ada hangin, suruh orang "Wait!One by one.." Boleh???? Ish, nak kena pelempang betul!!! :)
Hampa betul WORM water dah jadi WARM water.. hihihihihi

kiminusplusra said...

omg i went there the other day! its so good and cheap innit? :D

dillazag said...

Yeah la.. Need to bring Baz and Kak Ems next time. Chicken Shawarma dia nampak so tempting! hihihihi
ps: Malam ni dating, jangan lupa! :)

MyNameisMimy said...

al arabian ke food arab eh??huhu

dillazag said...

Food arab, biasalah.. Banyak roti, banyak nasi.. Tapi, nasi dia sedap!! Lagipun, Amar belanja. Lagilah sedap.. :)

che' nah said...

Alamaksss! Awat tak habaq yg Amar belanja! *teehee* :D

Good to know that ada la jugak tempat yg orang nak bersantai kat Cyberjaya nih. Next time, can just meet-up here hor? :)

dillazag said...

che nah,
Tula... Menyesal tak, tak join? Hihihihi
Lain kali kena lunch awal so that orang academic boleh join orang ofis. ;)
Next time I give ample notice, lah sista!

D.N.A.S said...

Dilla, restoran ni dekat area yang ada kedai Secret Recipe tu ke?

faiezspeaks said...

hehehhe.... Bavaria mmg beer brand tho... rupa bottle pun macam sama hahaha...

aNis said...

awaat tak habaq dtg cyberjaya?? ajak la mkn same...hehee...;P

dillazag said...

Tak perasan if ada Secret or not. It's the building with loads of Kementerian there. In betweens ada kedai-kedai makan.

dillazag said...

Tapi tak pening pun!!! Insya Allah OK la tu..

dillazag said...

Alamak.. Lupa la pullok awak kerja kat Cyber! Next time, okies?