Tuesday, July 14, 2009

2 per 8

It's already 21st of Rejab 1430H, which means that there is about 38 more days before we start fasting in the holy month of Ramadhan. What is also means is that lovely Muslim ladies all over the world who are as much as a Lil Miss Procrastinator as I am would start to fast to ganti puasa before time runs out. :)

I am now on my Day 2 of my 8-day fast marathon. I am targeting to at least complete 4 in a week, so by end of next week I would have completed my dues. Just for kicks though, I think I'd do another 4 days the next week. Kot-kot lah ada yang tak teringat ke.. Insya Allah, semua selesai..

Didn't think the first day of fasting would be as tough, though... hihihi.. I woke up about 5am yesterday to have a little something to eat and ended up drinking a glass of lukewarm water and 4 grapes. (Yes, I counted them) I guess I was still full from the fiesta we had at Dad's in Puchong, with the fried chicken and udang masak kunyit and sambal ikan and the lot. We even finished it off with a few durians. Yumm.. I digress..

Anyways, I was in earlier at the office, with no parking worries. But, by the time it was 11:30am, I was already a First -class *itch. Laparrr....... hihihi Felt like I was in Standard 1. Every hour from then on was an absolute test. Brain power was dwindling as it neared lunch. But, I decided that I had to stay on this route. Takpe lah kalau pahala sikit pun, at least I needed to recondition the body first! hihihihi.. So much so, I was literally Yeay-ing when it was time for Asar. That means another azan to go before I could munch on those delicious looking golden finger biscuits Adeeb had given me earlier. *Tetiba lak biskut tu macam sedap!*

Thankfully, the day went by in a breeze thereafter. ONE day completed, Alhamdulillah... three more to go for this week. Hubby is also home from his travels, so I'd have a companion for breaking fast tonight. Mana nak makan malam karang, ek?

p/s: Illa, good luck for your 26 days! hihihi..

-dillz blogging out-


Dalie said...

Hi Kak Ngah, love the new wallpaper! and good luck with the remaining days!

dillazag said...

Hey Dalie!
hihihi.. Dah nak hujung-hujung baru lah nak menggelabah.. ;)
Thanks, dear!

kucingorengemok said...

oh my buka puasa yesterday was rated OVER - siap boleh tersandar dpn tv lepas makan, last² basuh tangan pukul 8.20! nasib baik dah solat dulu, hehe >:) insaflahhh kog... hehe

dillazag said...

Join the club!!!! :) Awak pun Lil Miss Procrastinator, rupanya... :)~~

Man-man on the buka puasa, beb...

Nomee said...

This reminds me. I have another 3 days to go. Setelah seminggu off, bercinta pulak nak start balik. Esok kena gak la.... mana nak lari... hehehe. Selamat berpuasa kak.

the principal said...

kak emy ada 10 hari lagi nak ganti. Baru bersemangat nak ganti this week, bejot pulak. Kang tak pasal2 kena fidyah

dillazag said...

Nak start balik tu yang tak tahannnn.. Rasa macam budak darjah satu tunggu waktu berbuka.. :)

dillazag said...

K Emy,
saya dah semangat dari last week. pun terpaksa ditunda kerana bejot.
hahahaha bejot.. Lama tak sebut.. ;)

Anonymous said...

saya baru ganti 20 out of my intended 50. :((

huhuhu. sangat paham keadaan ini. tengok botol mineral kosong pon macam lapar.. hahahahahaha

dillazag said...

50 ? wow! you are on top of my book of records! :)
Good luck to you, babe..

Amy said...

I've done three..two more days to go. Not this week though, exam week.. bukan sahaja dahaga sbb berjalan ke sana ke sini like mad, tapi juga ada kemungkinan besar akan kurang pahala dgn segala sumpah seranah kat bebudak tak makan saman ni hihi. So, hopefully sempat le aku mengganti next week, dan berniat nak puasa lagi just in case. Jgn bejot sudah, huwaaa. Akak,jom pegi spa.

dillazag said...

By the time you are done, I will be done too.. :)
Yeay! Bolehla celebrate kat IKEA ke mana.. Pastu pergi Spa. Ajak cik ros sekali, amacam? :)