Sunday, July 05, 2009

Aktiviti Hujung Minggu

Got activities lined up the whole weekend. From the karaoke outing with friends from a so-called "secret society" on Friday night all the way to a breakfast meet-up with old friends at Village Park, Uptown. (The nasi lemak there is heavenly, seriously!)

Promised the kids that we would Raju's this Saturday morning, then off we went to The Gardens to fulfill another promise - this time to Khadra as we needed to get her a Hannah Montana school bag since Khaleeq got a Transformers bag last week. Khaleeda, she was just happy to be included in the outing, as usual...

After a quick pit stop at home, we were off again in the evening for a Aisya's birthday party. Melt down pulak lah si Khaleeda tu for not being able to jump on the inflatables. Siap gigit mummy.. Wah... Sudah ada jiwa, nampaknya.. Malam, we went to Puchong for a sleepover and dropped by Mak Anjang's for a last meet with Pak Anjang before he ships off to Libya for the next 2 years.

All that socializing had to be balanced with several sessions of report writing retreats - inclusive of this special hideaway session right now. I am in my home tackling my report, yet again, accompanied by hubby. Kids are still at my parents' abode , lepaking with their cousins. Will pick them up once I've made good progress here.. ;)

Teringat pulak zaman buat MBA part-time dulu. Buat assignment last minute, overnight kat Fajaria , tinggal anak-anak with my parents and Bibik in Puchong. Macam deja vu, je.. :)~~ Thing is, did I ever learn my lesson? i.e. Buatlah kerja awal-awal, supaya tidak menyesal di kemudian hari? Taaaak, jugak.. Buaaaat jugak lagi and menyesaaaal jugak lagi. When you are a perfectioninst and a procrastinator, I guess it is never a good combination, eh? Nak ada grandmother storylah, nak ada So-whatlah.. Kalau jenis tak kisah kan senang. Hantar je. Crap pun, craplah.. Pandailah Boss nak jawab. hihihihihi..

Yang best tu, after this cycle is over, there'll be another assignment, another report. Another stressful period. Nasib baik tak team lead. Kalau tak sure stress habis.. hihihihi.. What to do? Dah nature kerja macam tu.... Maybe I need to start thinking of an exit strategy.

-dillz blogging out-


kucingorengemok said...

u would've thought, belajar dah penat-penat kerja nak relaks-relaks ye... hihi

dillazag said...

not in my world, darling!