Friday, March 20, 2009

Exercise Caution!

We watched "Taken" on the DVD some nights ago. (Hubby thought it was a French movie thus won't be screening on the local circuit - So NOT true.. The movie was just SHOT in France.. ) Anywho, I thought it was a brilliant show though in retrospect, I would have slept quarter way through it if Mr Neeson was replaced by Mr. I'm-a-1-man-super-army Seagal. Without spoiling the movie for those who intend to catch it; adik-adik, kakak-abang; main takeaways from the movie would include:
- don't lie to your dad
- daddy knows best, eventhough he can be so incredibly annoying
- a little paranoia goes a long way
- your dad is THE best dad in the entire world

Leaving Hollywood behind and coming back to the realms of reality. I am compelled to share the following 3 incidents that happened to friends & family members not too long ago, i.e. in 2009 for us to learn from:

1. I am no burglar
My Mak Anjang who lives around Sunway Kinrara area spotted a group of people (2 men and a woman) acting rather suspiciously around her neighbourhood. She stopped her car to call her neighbour to warn them when one man approached her car, asking whether she knew the address he supposedly had on a piece of paper. Being suspicious, she only rolled down her window just a little bit, just so that she could speak to the man. The man said,
"Turunkan la tingkap tu kak.. Kakak ingat saya ni perompak ke?" (Why don't you lower down the window a little more, Miss. I am not a bad person / burglar)
After some hesitation, she lowered the window just a little bit more. The man then reacted and replied,
"Kalau perompak, buat macam ni" (A burglar would do it this way)
He lowered the window with his hands, opened the door and took out a knife. Pulled my aunty out of her car and drove off with it. Literally in a split second, her handbag, her car was gone! Can you believe that?

2. Valet scam
My sister went to Pantai Medical Centre for her doctor's appointment and met her friend there. After an hour or so after the appointment, the same friend called her up saying that her car was missing! Apparently, after she valet-parked her car, a good-looking, suit-wearing gentleman approached her saying that they have mistakenly given her the wrong parking card. (Oh, OK..) So, here's the real one and can you please return the wrong one? (Oh, OK.. again...) No harm done right? WRONG.. When she tried to retrieve her car, the parking card apparently doesn't refer to any car and her car has already been taken out by a good-looking, suit-wearing gentleman. What the ??

3. Snatching visitors
A good friend of mine from STF had this happen to her just a few weeks back. She was having a seat-down lunch at one of the restaurants in Sheraton Hotel, Subang. She had her handbag on the floor, partially covered by the table cloth. After some time, she realizes that her handbag has gone missing. The F&B manager later pulled her aside and related that they retained a suspecting group of Middle-Eastern visitors lingering in the restaurant. Since there were no complaints or reason to hold them any longer, they have just calmly and quietly told them to get out of the restaurant. He thinks that these people may have something to do with the disappearing handbang. I.e., the woman must have "smuggled" the handbag under her abaya. She had a first class treatment from the hotel to lodge a police complaint etc but luckily also, her husband called her kidnapped handphone and managed to get the thieves to return the handbag. She had everything back sans her handphone and some money. All others are intact - handbag, IC, credit cards, purse, keys etc etc.. (Boleh tak? So lucky, right?)

So, please, please, please be careful, people.. It never hurts to be extra careful in this day and age..

-dillz blogging out-


.ems gems. said...

ya Allah was that what really happened to mak anjang?? kesiannyaaaaaaa i feel like crying now :(

dillazag said...

ems, yup.. thing is she got the car back in the end, left in some estate somewhere.. The pintu dah kena pecah, so maybe org lain yang curik barang2 dalam kereta dia.. She had with her a new shipment of handbags, 60 pieces of tudung tempah etc etc..

Amy said...

The No 1 incident is scary ok. Macam dilemma sebenarnya nak tolong orang ke tak. Kalau ada accident and org minta tolong, aku memang cekal hati takkan tolong sbb tak tau accident tu genuine ke tak eg jenis2 jatuh motor pastu nak pinjam handphone nak call kawan le apa tu. Takut sebenarnya nak pegi mana sorang2 but then, dlm dunia yg sibuk ni, kadang2 we have to kan? Even pegi ATM machine aku tak pegi yg dekat bank kalau dah malam2..aku pegi yg Petronas ke sbb org ramai. *sigh* apa nak jadi la dunia ni.

Along said...


dillazag said...

Amy, yeah.. Me too.. Kalau pegi atm, aku mesti tgk kiri kanan dulu.. Bukan la duit banyak pun, tapi more like takut org aim nak apa2kan kita.. Tak berbaloi dgn duit yang keluar seratus dua ratus tu..

dillazag said...

Along, right back atcha..