Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hot Newbies

Have had a few wonderful finds in cyberspace of late and I always made it a point to read them when I had the time to. They are interesting to me; to you, tak tahulah.. Any-hoots, I have linked them from this blog for my easy reference to add on to my already Hot List. hihihihihi

Check it out y'all..

This is a website which captures random Facebook status into a doodle. Cilok-ing from their "So, what's a Stoodle?" writeup..

"Stoodle - which stands for ’status-doodle’ - is an art project where the stoodlerist (ahem) creates a doodle based on random Facebook statuses (or is it statii?). Every stoodle is a moment captured in a doodle, making it part-online comic, part-social commentary, part-snapshot of our daily lives, and part-time wastage and displacement therapy for the stoodlerist."

The Stoodle team is made up of two individuals, Mims the proclaimed Super Commander Chief Stoodlerist who turns statuses into "nonsensical, yet incisive and socially-conscious Stoodles" and Idlan the Scourist who "scours the far reaches of the Facebook universe for statii that speak out and takes them home for some tender lovin’, where they turn into nonsensical, yet incisive and socially-conscious Stoodles."

I look forward to the art work and some of them are pretty hilarious too! Of course, secretly, I too strive to write Facebook statuses worthy to be Stoodled! (Pilihla saya, Idlan.. Pilihla... hihihihi.. Agenda tersembunyiku sudah terbongkar)

Neurotically Speaking:

I like the way Marliza Radzi writes and to top it off, she's also a Srikandi. Akak bangga, you.. Don't really know her in person, but her thought are so eloquently presented and kadang-kadang ada juga menyentuh isu-isu semasa. I am not one to blog about current issues and feel I am rather shallow like that. hihihi.. Thing is, the way she presents her idea is so easily understandable and there's a nice mix of personal stories as well. My attempt to have a little more opinion rather than just shut current issues out of my system. (in a very mild way.. hihihihi)


chicsinred is also another Srikandi. Sekali lagi, akak bangga. She talks about her personal life. I especially like her sense of humour and the way she tells her stories. Has very strong opinions and she tells it like it is, straight up! Very sexy blog. Uuuuu... I loike!! *sambil pout mulut*

Blog Anak Mat Nor:

In my humble opinion, Jebon takes humour to a whole different level. In my books, she sets the standards now.. hihihihi.. Sneak peak of her entries that really tickles me include: Sebab Badan Aku Bukan Macam Badan Malek Noor, Ada Sesiapa Yang Tahu Mana Aku Boleh Dapatkan Poket Doreamon? , Haram Jadah and Peristiwa Hitam Yang Dialami oleh Aku Yang Hitam. See if you like her too..

Hanis Zalikha:

A 19-year old model who is now studying in UiTM, Segamat. She writes well in both English and Malay. Very creative - check out the posters she came up with, very witty, very funny and so the very beautiful!!! Complete package-lah, bak kata orang.. Very entertaining..

-dillz blogging out-


Marliza Radzi said...

eh you listed me!

terima kasih. saya merasa sungguh malu :P

dillazag said...

eee.... saya bangga. jangan malu-malu, yeh? hihihihi

ps: get well soon!