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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Attack of the chicky poxy!

My little boy has turned into a sight I could barely recognize. With puffy eyes and red blistery dots sprawled all over his beautiful face. He has multiple ulcers on the right corner of his lower lips. It's under his chin, all over his scalp, body and back. You got it right, Khaleeq has the chicken pox.. ;(

Khaleeda has it too. But hers is very mild, just 2 or 3 on her face and a few prominent ones on her back. It's almost nothing as compared to those that manifested on Khaleeq. Khadra's not affected since she already got them when she was only 6 months old.

I guess, I should really be thankful that they are getting it now instead of later when they are older... At least they are not missing any school days and they don't have to deal with it later. Might as well get it over and done, with, eh? I just feel so helpless 'coz they have to deal with this by themselves...

So kesian... Especially for Khaleeq.

My mom and Mak Langkawi had already scoured the whole of Puchong and beyond to get the pokok semambu that would help to ease the itch a little.. When I got back last night, his hair was sticky (and smelly) with sweat. He has not had his bath for the last so many days and his head was filled with blisters. I could actually FEEL the bumps when I ran my hand through his hair. Since I couldn't do much to help him, I started to blow his face and hair and it just kills me when he replied, "Aaahh.. That's better.."

He was actually protesting when I took the photo shot of him. I asked him to look into the mirror and he just replied, "NOOOO.. It's dangerous". I guess being a vainpot that he naturally is, it is a little hard staring back to something he could barely recognize. The chicky poxies are dead set on congregating around his eyes, nose and mouth. There's sooo many of it , I felt like fleeing the scene 'coz I was getting the itch myself! *Sheesh*

Medicine time is also a torture 'coz he'll shout and scream and kick and try his best to get out of my grasp. But, the good thing about it is that he is in high spirits. Watching Ben-10 the whole day is not that bad a deal, I guess..

Be strong, my little hero. It'll soon be over...

-dillz blogging out-


~ayoi~ said...

Ala Dilz. Dalam lama tak update entry, sekali update entry the Kays kena chicky poxy la pulak. Kesiannya. Hope they'll get well soon, yea. Kalau abahnya kena gak, campak je kat padang golf, nanti gerenti boleh baik. *wink

floweRinthedesert said...

Hi Dillz, didn't they get the chicken pox jab? Kesiannye tgk your little boy!

dillazag said...

Ayoi --> Khas la , bukan Kays.. :) Sangat the kesian, okay... Especially si Khaleeq tu..

Rin --> I can't recall actually.. *bad bad mother* Well, at least better now than later, eh?

ms ngantuk said...

poor boy! semua org kena experience that at least once in a lifetime kan? maknya sure penat menjaga. did she? :)

e W a Z a g h L o L said...

Ya Allah kesian nye Khaleeq boy... :( I cannot imagine how gatal... Aweewa kene gegata pun dah nangis2.. get well soon my dear ;) Nasib ada ibu and mak tok :P

.ems gems. said...

omygod sedihhnya tengok khaleeeq. but he will get better soon, im sure! hihi. be strong abibu! ;)

dillazag said...

Kay --> Maknya tak penat mana sangat. Bibik dia lagi penat kot.. Hihihi

Ewa & Ema --> Thank you for the kind words girls.. I really hope he'll get better soon..