Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Tribute to Ayah Teh

Today marks one month since our Ayah Teh Zohdi left us due to cancer. Me and the hubster just came back from a kenduri arwah at Mak Teh's place in Bandar Kinrara.

His was a very sudden death, something like 2 days after we found out that he had the "C" and the actual passing.. I can distinctly recall that fateful Monday when I got the sms telling me that he did not have much time left. Hubby picked me up from office and we headed to the High Dependency Ward in HKL to pay him a visit. The ward only allowed 2 visitors at a time, so most of his were literally setting camp outside. There were many relatives and friends reciting Yaasin and taking turns to be by his bedside. Even the Chief of Police came by that day. All his 6 beautiful girls were around him, with the elder ones and Mak Teh softly whispering "Laa ila ha illallah" in his right ear. He was so blessed in that way..

Even the preparation for his burial was smooth and easy. I remember thinking that he really looked like he was peacefully sleeping when they opened up his kain kapan prior to the actual burial.

Ayah Teh (he's the one in the big rimmed specs) made the news when he went back to school to get his Law Degree sometime in the 90s. At that time, both him and Ayah De were doing Law and Ayah Cu (who is about 20 years their junior) were all studying in UIA. So they made the news, lah. I always remembered him as a jovial person. A man of not that many words, but very loving indeed.

Semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat. Rest well, dearest Ayah Teh.


-dillz blogging out-


e W a Z a g h L o L said...

Al-Fatihah.. i cannot laa kangs, everytime tgk his pic or even picturing him on my mind mesti sedey :( Hope the kenduri all went well last nite.. InsyaAllah will visit him when balik nanti :(

dillazag said...

Tu la pasal... Everytime encik or ayah de or pak itam or ayah cu or anybody cakap pun, mesti sedih... I guess mostly because it was so sudden. Macam tak percaya pun ada...

aNis said...

thanks k.Ngah coz buat tribute for My Dearest Encik...the time saye bace blog awak ni, saye tgh teringat kat dia...n bile tgk blog awak ni at 1st saye takut nak bace sbb bdn saye shaking saye kuatkan semangat nak jugak bace tribute yg awak buat ni...i'm so touched..saye pun still tak percaye yg dia dah takde...actually saye still rase yg dia ade dgn saye selalu...then memikirkan adik2, i have to be strong rite..nway, thanks for ur full support all this while..Luv u my kazen sooo much!