Sunday, November 09, 2008

Back from the Land of Winter Sonata

Anyeo Haseo, guys...

I went away for a while leaving these lovelies behind..

It was kind of a last minute trip, so I did not get to spend a lot of time preparing the kids for the 5-day period without mom. I guess, the elder Kha-s might be ok with it. In fact they have not seen me much of late - you know, keluar pagi balik malam kind of thing.. Thankfully, their dad is always there to pick up where I slacked. (Tq so much, babe)

Anyways, I really pitied the youngest of the 3 since this would be my first time not sleeping with her eversince she was born. Kind of a first time thing for her and for me.. Nasib baik I've started weaning her a little, so I could depend on Ms Parmi to take care of dear Khaleeda at night time..

Korea is a beautiful country, we got to see some of its beauty amidst our shuffling between Seoul, Gumi and Chun An. Otherwise, it was just work, work, work.. Sometimes till wee hours in the morning.. Kinda put my mind off the kids for a while, so that was good, kinda..

My key take aways from the trip.
1. I really took a liking to the heated bidet, though. I couldn't read Korean, so I had to rely on my deciphering prowess to figure out what each button would do. Have to say that I had quite a few entertaining sessions in the loo. (P.S. There was even a button for "blow-drying" the effected area... hihi)

2. GREEN is the way to go! I noticed that they try to be "more" evironment-friendly than we do. I was told that they converted a mountain of trash into a green landscape of big trees supplying more oxygen than you'll ever need. Surprisingly, there is no trace of stench and the place now has an ultra cool postcode (ie, mahal neighbourhood)
Plus, they have separate bins for trash and recycleable items and what's more, they have free watercoolers with funky paper pockets or cones...

3. Respect is still IN. The parking attendent / traffic usherer you see here, would bow every time a car passes by. Seriously.. I witnessed his counterpart in Lotte Mart parking lot doing the same.

Khamsa Hamida, Korea. Maybe we'll meet again, someday. Just wish that I'll have more time to shop the next time around... ;P

-dillz blogging out-


.ems gems. said...

bestnyeeeee. wish i could go there one day!! hihi. did any of the things i got u come in handy? sorry if they didnt!!

miss love u loadss.

Inn said...

yayyy!!! (for the new gadget & trip)

no wonder my sister wants to stay in korea. dah 5 years pun tak mo balik2 lagi. wedding delay pun pasal nak kena tunggu dia free to come home. hehe. takpe. lebih banyak skit kerahan tenaga.

btw, nak pass kad la kak dilla. ada add?