Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Odds and Ends

Just a few pictures I captured during my trip up North. Pretty interesting to me. You judge them yourself, eh?

Top two: Chowrasta Bazaar - The place we got our asam jeruk. There were all sorts and best of all you could sample the goods before you buy it. There was this pakcik waiting on his wife to complete her transaction and was happily munching away on the asam jeruk. Sheesh ... Anywho, there were cherries (red, green and yellow), mango, pala, cermai, and not forgetting strawberry (strictly no testing!)

Bottom two: I had to take these next two... Located conveniently outside the bazaar. What an appropriate name for such an establishment. Got a chance to snap the butcher in action as we passed by unsuspectingly along.. heh heh heh.. Turned out there were 4 hung in a row in the next shop but my camera was not prepped in time. Shucks!

A series of event I found fascinating captured at the jetty of Kuala Muda, Kedah. Fondly called the Bisik! Bisik! The fishermen comes in with their daily catch at the jetty. Baskets and baskets of fishes, lobsters, prawns and stuff are taken up to the haggling place for show. They'll just lump the auction item on the floor and various interested parties will come up with an offer whispered into the sellers ears. Intimate , eh? Uuuuu... The highest bidder gets the catch! Simple, huh? I saw with my own eyes 2++ kilograms of eXtra Large-sized fresh prawns going for RM80 only.

The magnificent trees surrounding Taiping Lake Garden and the tower where the Taiping Tourist & Information Centre is located. I can vividly remember going on the aquatic rides with my sissys and dad when we were much smaller and jakun-er. Also the really old school gigantic cement slides that is still there.

A little reminder from the hotel we were staying in Ipoh. RM1,000 charge for any iron marks on the carpet. Notice that the iron's electrical cord is threaded through the basket in which the iron comes in. Hmm... Really shows the clientele of the hotel, eh? Enough said!

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