Sunday, March 25, 2007

Yummy Penang

So, I predicted wrong.. It turns out that the so-called "high speed" internet was intermittent and I was too tired by the time I got back to my room anyways.Hence , no updates from The Pearl of the Orient. Sorry babes..

One of the reasons for the late night is :
Mak aai!!! Bestnya makan!!! Penang is a heaven of food glorious food.. On your left is the famous Tandoori with Cheese Butter Naan from Kapitan International Restaurant. Have it with lovely mango lassi. Simply scrumptious! The meat is tender and juicy in the inside, and I especially like the naan with the melted butter on top and cheese in between. Yummy.. Definitely the best tandoori in town. :)

We had the famous Penang nasi kandar numerous times - one place worth mentioning is the establishment beside the Kapitan Keling mosque. (Not to be mistaken with the Kapitan International Restaurant which has several branches in Penang)Food is served after 10pm, so we had to go round the island for a bit before finally parking by the mosque at around 11pm. By the time we got there, a line was already forming - people were queing up to eat here, literally.. I had nasi kandar with Telur Ikan Goreng and sotong. Sedaaap!!! Definately have to go, at least for the experience. 

The other must-go restaurant is Kassim Mustapha, or KasMus for short. Loved the kambing kurma. But, they serve it with nasi minyak. Also tried the tandoori, but not as nice as Kapitan's. (I know, I know.. I eat a whole damn lot!)

We also went over to the hawkers' space by Gurney Drive on two separate occasions. Had pasembor -- careful; they could charge you a bomb if you chose the squid or other seafood creatures -- , fried kuey teow but didn't get to taste any laksa. I also noted a Satay Cina stall. Wonder what kinda meat that one contains. Hmmmm.... I guess I won't be checking on that one.. heh heh heh

-dillz blogging out-


aNis said...

--> waahhh!! macam best je k.ngah...saye yg dh balik penang byk kali ni pun rasenye tak penah try makan kat situ..boleh la nnti, time family day..kite pi lepak kat sane...teringin la cheese nan n tandori..yummy2!..(",)

dillazag said...

anis --> kena try tu babe.. i especially recommend the tandoori kat kapitan international... dengan cheese butter naan yang menjilat jari.. pergh!!!! i tell you..