Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A Quickie

Sorry babes.. Tired of reading "Hey Azlul..." day in and day out? heh heh heh.. Me too.. This blog terribly needs an update!!! On another note, though.. Glad to see the shoutout box is fast gaining popularity.. :) I loike, loike.. (I am a human being after all, and I love the feeling like I do matter to someone.. heh heh heh Pathetic, eh?) Thanks che' nah for mooting the idea..

Been out of action in a while coz the pace is pretty hectic of late. I just got back from our "Mari balik kampung naik kapalterbang murah" session last week and had to finish up on my last audit memorandum before preparing to go on a regional visit up North! Hence, the few late nights working my butts off! It reminds me a little of my MBA days... hmmmm...

Barely catching up my breath but have already caught up on sleep, thankfully... :) The good thing is, I can sleep anywhere! So, the roadtrip has been somewhat a godsent coz I took several loong naps along the way.. (My hubby can testify the sleeping anywhere thingy and much to the amazement / amusement of my roadtrip gang. I just hope I didn't snore too loudly.. ) Aaah.. the miracles of car-pooling! heh heh heh

I predict that I'll be able to write more tonight coz we have HIGH SPEED INTERNET in the room! Hu-hu!!!! That is, if we're not roaming around Penang, pigging out!!! heh heh heh So, till later then.. (Not too late, I hope!)

-dillz blogging out-


Amy said...

Gi Penang le plak. Mest try makan kat roundabout kat Gurney Drive tu, dulu ada Sunrise supermarket..sheesh, aku duduk sana 4 tawun pun tak ingat nama tempat tu la!I miss penang la! Kak, pls makan nasi kandaq there for me :)

shik chartered accountant said...

hi kakngah..saje la nak cakap hi. asek baca blog tapi tak penah komen sepatah due.. tak manis la gitu, kite org melayu kena saling tegur menegur. hahah.

D.N.A.S said...

Pegi outstation? Hmmm best nyeee... I like going outstation for a few days coz I'll get a lot of 'me' time. After 3 days mulalah teringat kat anak2... heheheh.

dillazag said...

amy --> Dah makan dah... pasembur la, kuey teow la.. Laksa je tak bukak.. Takpela.. next time..

shik --> Inilah nilai-nilai murni seorang chartered accountant Melayu yang sejati. heh heh heh

d.n.a.s --> Had a lot of those too. Though I spent most of it catching up on my sleep..