Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Double celebrations

End of July. Marks a significant part of my life as two of my boys celebrate their birthdays one day after another. Khaleeq turned 8 yesterday on the 30th and Inche Azrul celebrates his 35th today.

As per customary in our little family, each kid would receive at least one present on every birthday celebration - so multiple bodies were actually counting the days to Khaleeq's birthday. ;) Khaleeq is now into Lego Hero Factory and Lego City series, while Khaleeda is in her Play Doh stage. Khadra is not very much into toys so she opted for a headphone for her iPod instead (turning into a teenager too fast that girl). Everyone got their choice of poison last weekend so the present section was pretty much sorted out, thankfully.

When asked about his day in school, Khaleeq said a few of his friends wished him "Happy Birthday" and he was quite pleased with that. He had also apparently invited some friends to Kidzania for his birthday party at 3pm yesterday. I hope none of the kids dragged their parents coz we didn't plan to have the KidZania party until later. Adoii la Khaleeq. Comel betul.

We had a quiet dinner last night with just the family unit and my sweetheart of a husband ran to tapau the usual suspects from Chili's to add on to our berbuka menu. He even managed to get Khaleeq the Baskin Robbin's ice cream cake for moreh later. Yeay, husband! Suffice to say little man is mighty pleased with his day, he even have another City package yet to be opened as at late last night. That'll keep him happy throughout the week, me thinketh.

After the kids went to bed, me and the husband had a little rendezvous with my sisters at Pelita SS2 for some Maggi goreng tak nak sayur telur goyang. A little sahur get together of sorts to mark my man's birthday. No definitive plans for today as yet. But we do have Jamoca Almond Fudge ice cream cake in the fridge along with 3 big candles and 5 small candles with Azrul's name all over it. We'll see la. Must be the age catching up. Hahaha.

Happy birthday dearests. You know that I love you and you.

-dillz blogging out-

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