Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Widuri Laduree

How awesome is this? I wrote about macarons a few weeks back and my awesome Srikandi sister has connections that could make my very own batch of Laduree macarons very very possible! Her brother stays in Switzeland and apparently, this chick has been getting her constant supply thataway! :)

As luck would have it, her brother is back in Malaysia now and brought back some Laduree macarons and the kind-hearted Deyna decided to share some with moi! :) :) :) Thanks to the FOC messaging by Berry, we scheduled a little rendezvous at Mothercare KLCC and I picked the lovelies up last Saturday. Her reminder was for me to have a macaron at the Laduree salon to experience first-hand the magic. Apparently a smart looking waiter with a bow in a suit would be attending to that tiny macaron. Can not wait! :) Bila mau pergi, Inche Azrul? hihihihihihi

*Oh, dan sempat buat demo pakai tudung untuk gym using that Mily and Cole tudung, ya. The pirate variation. I'll try to shoot astep-by-step video of it and post it up for you, ok Deyna? *

Thus, we, the Azrul household, have been Laduree macarons for desserts ever since. hihihihihihihi

Ada chocolate, caramel, pistachio, coconut.... Hmmm Hmmmm Gooood!! :) (Sorry, Maween they are all mine!) You were right, Deyna. As soon as the outer shell hardened and crisped a little it was pure heaven! Just need to finish it alllll up before it becomes too dry. Hmm.. Party macaronnsla nampaknya. hihihihihihihi. I loike!

*suara suara apungan* Diet? Apa dah jadi dengan diet? Ahhh.. Persetankan aja.

So, thank you so much Ardena Aziz. Me love you mucho!! You soooo didn't have to but you did!! Wee-hee!!! Love ya! Love ya! Love ya!

Moral of the story: Masuk STF, please to get awesome friends for life such as Deyna. :)

-dillz blogging out-


suhaisweet said...

Anyway Nice..Visit mine if u free friend.. Bloody Day!

Larawannabe said...

lol @ suara-suara apungan ittew. persetankan saja.

jelita78 said...

camne exactly u eat these macaroons?
i bought a set in singapore last weekend and mak aiiiii, manis giller giller babs.. dah laa rega SGD2 seketul.. bukannya murah.. then, manis melampau and so, mmg tak suka dan tak habis pon.. the kids pon taknak..
ke cara kitorang makan tak betul?
hmm.. explain sket..

nina said...

same here, I feel that those things are overly sweet as well. i couldn't help but think about the sugar level in my blood the whole time i was eating them so tak berapa enjoy walaupun cuba sedaya upaya utk appreciate them. sama, my kids and hubby pun tak suka sgt. probably tekak we all ni not so refined kot... ;)

Ardena said...

No probs Dilla. Have to spread the "love" or else it all goes to my BUTT! So apa lagi..plan the real experience in Paris already!!!

Don't knowlah, I didnt find the Ladurees overly sweet. But then again, I may have a sweet tooth!

dillazag said...

Thanks for dropping by. (again). You are very kind. :)

dah counter suara itu dengan panggilan gymnasium. so, not so bad lah! :)

dillazag said...

i enjoy one macaron at a time. :) (sometimes two) memang tak lah saya nak telan sekali sedozen. *sayang, sebenarnya*

I tried the 1487 (some year) tea shop punya macaron, kat singapore. Kecik aje, SGD2 each. A little too sweet. So I could only telan satu. lepas tu rasa muak pulak.

however, meh la saya recommend Laduree macarons ini. I totally agree with Deyna. The Laduree ones are not too sweet. Just nice, orang kata. hihihihihi

Makanya, mehla kita sesama pergi ke Paris utk merasai nikmat Laduree yang sebenar.

Sekian terima kasih. :)

dillazag said...

Ayyo.. Tak enjoice la kalau macam tu. Cuba try test tengok yang Laduree ni, camna you rasa. ;)

dillazag said...

terima kasih banyak banyak, ya. :)
Yes, that's the spirit! perlu spread the "love" gitu.. hihihihihihi
I juga yang untung! :)