Friday, July 09, 2010

Khaleeda's First Day at School

Khaleeda, my 2 years and 7 months old girl has been asking us since forever to let her go to school. We have been meaning to send her to Early Years Playgroup since March this year, but they were not admitting new kids into the Nursery class at that time. *had to let the triplets cool down and ease into school first. :)* So, when I called Aunty Zai a few weeks back, I was estatic that she agreed for us to have a look see around the school for Khaleeda and Eva. (Zachy and Emelia's firstborn) Just to see whether the kids like it there and whether they are ready for school.

Early Years Playgroup and us go way back. Khadra started her early development days there in August 2005. She just turned 2 years and 2 months. When she went in she could hardly speak. Prolly only had 5 words in her vocabulary. Among others are: Abibu (for Ibu), Amimok (for selimut / blankie), Shishu (for Susu) and.. Maybe that's it. hihihihihi But, at the end of the year, in her December concert, we were just amazed on how she had blossomed. Truly, truly amazing. :) Then, there was Khadra's 2006 concert where they had the musical-inspired theme. Me, Inche Azrul and Kira worked hard on the backdrop screens! Hmm.. those were fun times!

Khaleeq joined in January 2007 , when he was 2 years and 5 months. Similarly, he couldn't speak when he first joined. But, when he left 2 years later, he was speaking in an American slang. hihihihihihi *must have picked it up from the telly, tho* In 2007, we had two stars performing in the year-end concert. This year it was the Children of the World. Khadra left for Beaconhouse the year she turned 5, so in 2008, Khaleeq was the only one performing at the year-end concert. (Whoa! I din't blog about that year's concert. Must have been REALLY busy or lazy!)

So, anywaaaays... (Panjangnya mukaddimah)

Lil Miss Khaleeda and Lil Miss Eva went for a look-see the other day and ended up really liking the place. *Am so glad* They joined the class right after breakfast and stayed on for the storytelling, playtime and music time. It really helped that Eva, her new BFF, was around. But she kept calling me to be near her. Must have been a little overwhelmed with all the new faces, I think.

She quickly warmed up during playtime though. Especially when they discovered the water tank. The two little ladies must have scooped the pink water onto the water mill like a million times. Don't they ever get bored? I wonder. Khaleeda also enjoyed music time very much. It really helped that Miss Maria's songs were familiar to her - especially Row, Row Your Boat where she got to partner the dashing Mika (One-third of the triplets) and also Heads, Shoulder, Knees and Toes. hihihihi *Thank you, Barney!*

So, we decided that Khaleeda would definitely join Early years Playgroup and after the approval from Tok Mummy, yesterday was the first day of school for Lil Miss Deyda! :) I just accompanied her for awhile before I left her to enjoy her day. *Exit timed nicely as she went for the water tank*

Picking her up at 1pm was an entourage consisting of me, Khadra and Khaleeq. She was smiling from ear to ear when she saw the sight of me. Screaming "IBU! " from the top of the stairs she looked so excited and happy. Khadra and Khaleeq were smiling too, probably proud of their baby sister. Khaleeq siap declared to the two teachers that he used to attend the school before too. Good to hear that Miss Rina and Miss Tini reported that she didn't even cry that first day. Only asked for me once in a while. Yeay, Deyda!!!

Looks like a good beginning for Lil Miss Khaleeda. Now, I just have to think of her day-to-day clothes to school. They are allowed to wear normal clothes, the uniform is just an apron. :) My little makcik is a diva, suka melawa. Ikut aunty-aunty dia lah tu. (Not me, definitely)

-dillz blogging out-


kenwooi said...

not even 3 years and already going to school? i thought it starts at 4.. =/

Larawannabe said...

Aww... Khadra called you Abibu? Comel-ness!

Mira still calls me Bibu -_-'

dillazag said...

it's not like too academic. more of a playgroup where they go socialize with kids their age and learn about manners, respect and most importantly PLAY! :)

dillazag said...

I was Abibu before I magically morphed into Mummy / Mama. Now I am Ibu once again. :)


errr.. if you don't mind me asking, why tok mommy kena approve?

dillazag said...

Dia discuss dengan cikgu kelas nursery dulu whether they can handle the new kids. Kalau too overwhelming dia tak boleh nak admit. Fair enough for me. :)

KS said...

wahhh berani btol deyda!! i anak dah nak masuk 6 tahun baru terhegeh2 nak hantar pi pre school :P

Along said...

Bestnya...I wish Bangi had a playgroup like that so I could send Daria. Even tho she's only 14 months, tapi perangai macam budak 2-3 tahun. Hmmm...anyway, clap for Khadra!! Hope you enjoy school, my dear.

dillazag said...

Bukannya dia belajar macam sekolah sangat. Ni more main-main and socializing je. Stress free for the Ibu. :)

dillazag said...

Must be the effect of having elder sisters. My Khaleeda is also another makcik. So keletah! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there, from your entries, the playgroup sounds like so much fun! Would you mind sending more info about it to my email please? My email add is At what age do they accept the kids?thank you so much!