Friday, July 16, 2010

Date Night Is Movie Night Is Date Night

Had a little WE time last night with Inche Azrul.
Agenda biasa = dinner then the movies.
He was craving for duck confit so I obliged. To Alexis we go. Dapatlah makan mixed berry meringue for desserts. Yeay!! :)

Happy. :)

The movie of the night?
picture from: here

Best giller okeh. A bit long , about 2 hours and a half. But I really liked it. Intellectual, gitu. Plus there's Leonardo DiCaprio, that mamat from 3rd Rock, Joseph Gordon Levitt and this child prodigy Ellen Page *no wonder she looked fimilar, adalah Juno* for good acting . Whoever thought of that story is a real cracko. Giller complex dan out-of-this-world sekali. However, I find that it could be summarized by this tajuk lagu rock kapak dari tahun 90-an. Inception = Umpama Mimpi Dalam Mimpi. hihihihihi

Happy. Happy. :)

Here's another reason to be happy. My first Choos made her debut on Malaysian soil.
Happy. Happy. Happy. :)

Happy Friday, all!

-dillz blogging out-


ajjah said...

happy friday to you too. may u have a great weekend with your loved ones :)

come and check out my tutorial ya

The Momster said...

The choos are funky! Love the colour :)

Mommy J said...

drooling over your Choos!haiisyyyy cute!

dillazag said...

saw the tutorial on watermarks. nice. I am using photoscape too. :)

dillazag said...

Saya suka sebab senang nak pakai dengan jeans. :)

There was another one that was on sale but wedges yang tinggi dan patent leather - adalah whore-ish sedikit. So I chose the flats. :) hihihihi

dillazag said...

Mommy J,
Thanks dear.
Orang yang pakai pun tak kurang kiutnya.