Thursday, April 22, 2010

Whoa!! 66 is my magic number !

66 freaking kilograms!

It could not have been baby fat since I am already 35. I have just come to terms with my current weight. Been avoiding the weighing scale since forever and whenever asked about it I would answer, "60kg" Hah! In your face! Masa kawin dulu 55kg je tau! (OK, granted that that was 8 years ago)

Tu la pasal.. Makan tak hingat. Exercise tak buat.

Just take last night , for example. Went for late dinner with hubby at Warong Uncle Don in Damas. Start makan: 9:40pm. Stop makan:10:30pm. (Makan lambat dah satu hal)

What did I have? 1 cucuk sate. 1 pinggan Mee Sedap. 1 mangkuk bubur nasi with its variety of condiments (Ikan masak tauchu, Kangkung goreng, ikan bilis goreng, telur masin, scrambled egg, etc etc) PLUS 2 glasses of teh ais and 1 glass of orange juice(standard order- tak kurang gula). All in one sitting. Thank you very much.

So, YES! I am answering your challenge wahai Kak Shana for the Minus-4 Mission. By 30th June 2010, I would at least be 62kg. (Hopefully)

-dillz blogging out-


The Momster said...

oooo... I was at that number last year! ;)

all the best dillz! you can do it!

dillazag said...

considering that I only gained 9kg at fullterm when i was pregnant. That number is massive, yo!

Thanks for the vote of confidence, babe. Need every one of it!

Gila betul. Don't know how I got so fat!(cheh! don't know , konon. yang melantak tiap-tiap hari tu buat apa?)

D.N.A.S said...

if you are targeting to lose 4kg, give yourself at least 4 months. It's better to lose it slowly but permanently. What's important is to accept the fact that our metabolic rate has gone down (because we are getting older), therefore we should eat healthily. The exercise will help but controlling our diet and food portion contribute more to weight loss.

You can do it!

wanshana said...

Yeay!!! Welcome on board, dear :)


An FB friend of mine just told me that she lost 20kgs over 7 months by diet control and regular gym sessions.

So, there IS hope for us to achieve our target (which is rather chipot compared to what she achieved!), insya Allah :)

You Go, Girl!

dillazag said...

Kak Dayang,
Agreed my dear. Next step would be to craft my HHTA plans. :)
Will definitely put in healthy snack time to increase my metabolism rate. Let just that be a number that I wont be too anal about. I'll be glad just if I stick with the lifestyle.

K shana,
Insya Allah... Insya Allah.. :)mintak makbul doa itew!!

The Little Kids Closet said...

k. Dilla,

one way to lose weight is to get pregnant again. Guarantee can lose that 4kg within 4 mths (1st trim) via natural ways, ie loya tak lalu makan, and muntah apa yg makan. hihihi

Time for another baby no??? ;P

kucingorengemok said...

waaa! if anything, u should be given credit kerana berani memaparkan berat badan in bold letters di sini :)

dillazag said...

I had that exact same thoughts as a shortcut measure. hahahahahaha
Insya Allah I can lose weight after beranak. Tak payah bayar gym membership. hihihihi

Terima kasih. Saya perempuan berani.

ICA said...

Go dilla go...u can do it. I know you can..coz ur magic number dah published for the world to we are all here to cheer for you, k...All the best ya. :))

ps: i pandai suruh org diet..but myself tak pernah buat pon...hihihi.

Chech said...

Hi Dilla,

I've lost 17kg and so has my husband, Kamal. We've also helped many people to lose weight and gain health.

Here's a page from my blog:

We would love to help you out with losing 10kg through balanced nutrition and without getting hungry. You can also continue to eat your favorite food.

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dillazag said...

hahahahaha. Awak dengan LJ sama je, spesis sekeping... takyah diet diet.. :)

thanks for the info.