Friday, April 23, 2010

A Few F1 Weekends Ago

Yes, am a bit lagging in the news over here. A few F1 weekends have come and left, while I am still stuck at the one in Sepang. (Not that we even watched the actual race there. haha!)

We were lucky to have been given a few tickets by the generous Keduaq for Grand Stand seats at the Emerald for the Qualifying Race. Thinking that it would actually be a good experience for our boy Khaleeq, we decided to have a little outing - just me and my boys. Khaleeq was really excited about it as he got to don his fresh-from-the-Melbourne-race orange McLaren tee.
Biasalah F1. Vroom sini. Vroom sana. The sounds of the engines revving were too darn loud , I could not make out what the announcer was saying over the speakers. Plus, I had the additional task of keeping Khaleeq's earplugs in place. Kejap kena pegang belah kanan, kejap kena pegang belah kiri. The screen was also blurry, so I lagilah blur! Thankfully, I could rely on @fazz27's and @tonyfernandes' updates and analyses on twitter.

But I got a Ferrari umbrella though. So, that made it worth the while. haha!

-dillz blogging out-


TheFazz said...

hi dilla,

thanks for the mention on the #f1 tweets. :) i had a lot of fun during the qualifying session, with all the drama of the rain and all. happy that you found it helpful. :)


dillazag said...

It was VERY helpful! :)
BTW, I bet your KL traffic tweets help some other people too. :)