Friday, January 12, 2007

Birthday Galore

I started off not knowing what to ask for for my birthday. So, hubby just got me these cool stuff as a preview birthday present:
A pair of black Clarks shoes to show off my buffed toenails and a bottle of Eternity Summer for Her by Calvin Klein.
As I was sitting and reading the OK! magazine at Thomas & Guys, SACC Mall, Shah Alam it occured to me. ( I was dyeing my hair - I always have it done nearing my birthday!) I want a Coach handbag for my birthday. I actually feel that LV and Prada and Gucci and all that lot were not suitable for me. I didn't want to look like I am carrying an imitation, you know? They are just too darn expensive for a handbag and I don't think I'd want to blow that much money on them.
So, meet my birthday handbag from Coach courtesy of my hubby. Isn't it such a darrrling? The darn keychain cost us RM 175 but I had to have it. I just had to.. It just looked that it belonged there... We actually got the bag a day before my birthday. :) And to top the icing to my cake, my mom and dad agreed to redeem their Enrich points for my flight to Dubai as my birthday present. Isn't that the coolest? I'll be flying off to Dubai , thanks to them! Thanks ibu and encik! I love you both lots... So that makes me a very happy camper! :) No more shopping until the Dubai trip then!
That's me and my dad at Chili's Mid Valley , the night before my birthday. It was the first of a series of events that marked my 32nd Birthday on January 6th, 2007. We had dinner with the almost nucleus family; me, Azrul, Khadra, Khaleeq, mom, dad, Ewa and Kira PLUS Feizy. After the compulsory Happy Birthday to You jingle; mom and entourage headed back to Pondok Azlul whilst Azrul, Kira and I sent the underaged home. We had to attend a midnight movie - A Night at the Museum. ;)
The next day, lunch was courtesy of my brother-in-law, Abg Amran and wife. We had a scrumpious meal at Fatty Crab near The Mines. The butter prawn was yummy and the crab needs special mention. I can't remember how it was prepared but I do know that it agrees with my tummy!! heh heh heh
After Maghrib, we had a tahlil for our dearly departed paternal grandmother, Allahyarhamah Zabedah who passed on on my birthday , 5 years ago. So, every year since, we had always had a tahlil on my birthday. Pretty lucky, eh? Right after Yasin, tahlil, Isyaa', Hajat and Zikir Munajat ; we had our dinner and excused our little butts for another pre-scheduled event. ;) Azrul, me, Ewa, Kira and Feizy headed to Yow Chuan Plaza in our silver Camry for a karaoke session to test my vocals after the sinus surgery. ;) The road was pretty jammed up due to the Visit Malaysia Year 2007 launching in Titiwangsa so we were late for our reservation. So we had to wait for a darn while before they had a Medium sized room for us. After a little while we were joined by Boy and soo after Ewa & hubby came into the room carrying a cake for moi! I was pleasantly surprised as I actually mentioned on the way over that this would be the first year I didn't have a birthday cake. So sweet, kan?
I was supposed to meet up with some friends the next day but that didn't happen so I took the kids over to Pondok Azlul and basically caught up on my beauty sleep. ha ha.. And that basically wraps up my birthday weekend. ;)
-dillz blogging out-


EMA said...


im missing out so much here, darn. hihi

sayang korannggg!! <3333

dillazag said...

Ema --> Takpe la Emms, at least you get to read about it here... ;)

DNAS said...

happy belated birthday!
You made the right choice.
Coach is The In Thing these days.

Dilla said...

DNAS - Tq sis. muah ha ha ha.... ((evil, pokai laugh))

zeedayazid said...

wei coach pun kan byk imitation just like the prada and the guccis and that whathaveyous.. but it's a lovely bag just the same! just glow in the knowledge that u have an ORI :)

happy belated bday dearie!