Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Busy Times Ahead

Just a quick note. I will be moving to a new divison after 6 years.
Busy making preparations and completing the hand over notes.
I meant SUPER-busy.
Off to Dubai on the 19th.
Will be back on the 24th.
Second honeymoon la babe... ;)

-dillz blogging out-


DNAS said...

kat Dubai ada banyak jual kain ela murah-murah, silk especially. Cari kedai2 kain kat area Public Library tu. Tokey kedai sana mostly pandai cakap Melayu.

hazyr said...

just found your new blog.. Anyway, have fun in Dubai!

p/s Remember Tash (Intan Natasha who left after form 2)? She's there, working with Emirates.

Dilla said...

DNAS --> Dah kopak tapi nak jugak shopping!!!!! kuang kuang kuang
Will look for it, thanks for the heads up!;)

hazyr--> heh heh heh Tgh moving mode daaa
Saya naik MAS, redeem Enrich points mak bapak..

Amy said...

Selamat berdubai kak.. send my hello to Azrul. You two have fun and be naughty ok? Hik hik..