Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Gallery of Pictures

Am done with excuses, so am not trying to explain myself here. :)~~
Here's a little pictoral gallery in chronological order (with minimum narration, of course) for your viewing pleasure.

1. My Baby Khaleeda's Aqiqah

She was almost 6 months old when we finally had the ceremony. Khaleeda had changed into 3 outfits by end of event and was such a doll the whole way through. Preparation wise, had a lot of help from Hubby who was doing the running around since I was away for an assignment in Melaka, Ziezi (event planner), Mak Anjang, Eno for the lovely decoration of the buai, and of course my mom and sisters.

The star attraction was, without a doubt 3 "kambing goleks" that tasted just heavenly. Yumm....

Got a beautiful black album of photos from KC of
Cupcakes are from Zura who did excellently especially on the bootie cuppies. Me likey! (don't have her link as yet, will update later)
Check out Khaleeda's very own gallery here! And some more pictures in my facebook here: Majlis Aqiqah Khaleeda.

2. Phuket Island Vacation

Wonderful island getAWAY vacation with my family, ZZ's family, Boy, Ewa & Eski, Tilong & Harris and Feizy. We set base in Kantary Bay at Cape Panwa which had a wonderful restaurant with a muslim chef next door and an array of muslim hawker stalls lining the street towards our hotel. So, that kinda sorted our F&B issue. The place was a little while away (about 45 minutes, actually) from Patong Beach and Phuket. But, it worked for us as we kinda liked the peace and tranquility there, and there's always the option of leaving the kids while we 'experience' the night life in Patong. *evil muah hah hah*.
Highlights of the trip:
- went island hopping to the three Kai islands, with kids in tow. I had to leave Deeda behind with Parmi due to the boat trip.
- a little bit of shopping in Patong (btw, lovely nutella / banana pancake by the roadside *two thumbs up-a must try*)
- a brand new tailored suit for me, hubs, Nazz, Boy & Eski. Damn cheap at just RM400 per suit
- 10 of us (or so) crammed into a tuk-tuk coz we were damn tired to walk the 200m to be robbed in bright daylight by the Arab restaurant - bloody Ali Baba, hampeh betul!
-The 'night life' in Patong -- hmmm how shall we say it, a lil interesting? *sheesh*
- lots and lots massages

3. Khadra and Khaleeq's Pirate & Princess Party

We hosted the themed party by the poolside of Pantai Hillpark. Most of the kids came dressed as either a princess or a pirate. Since it has been a while since we last threw a party, this one was done in a lot of style. *perasan*

Activities for the kids include; face-painting (by Kira), nail art and tattoo (SLIMRED), games (hosted by MC Liyana) and jumping along in the bouncy castle. Oh, there was also a Wii/ Guitar Hero canopy set up for kids and adults alike.
Buntings were specially designed by bro-in-law Eski. He did it from scratch, y'all!! Just AWESOME!! Party planning overseen by Ziezi, of course.. Photography (professional) by Hafiz (Raff's bf) and (amateur) by Af's Sony Alpha A350. (I think Kira took most of it)
Food catered from Restoran Delima and additional satay from Satay Salam. Cake in the form of a castle ordered from Noresh of Baking with Passion , supplemented by pirate themed cupcakes from Zura, yet again.. I love them cute pirates.. (*yes, I need to get her link up here..*)

More pictures at my facebook page: Princess & Pirate party

4. Family Photoshoot

Yup, the Zaghlol's Photo Shoot is back again.. We had an additional 3 kids (Neyna, Laiqa and Deeda) and a brother-in-law from the last one done in 2006. Everyone was in their baju melayus and baju kurungs for the first session and we changed to a more formal outfit after. (Actuallynya, saja nak menunjuk suit baru buat kat Phuket *heh heh heh*) The boys even had a little session to boast their Guitar Hero skills.. Really... ;)

Thank you, Min from prettypeektures. Check out a selection of pictures here: My Favourite

-dillz blogging out-


ARZ said...

Hi Dilla,
Came across your blog via Nadya's blog. Like you, Nadya was one of the fun-loving participants of our EPP Program.

Great to know your family tree is branching out well.

~ayoi~ said...

Caya la! Dillz is the zone! Back to scribble her blog instead of her report. Hehehehe.

Sayang la missed your kids birthday bash. Mana pernah miss kami ni, next year kami dtg.

dillazag said...

ARZ --> Hey there ,stranger.. What a nice surprise... I bet you have not been idle these years, mesti dah ada another adventure cycling somewhere, right? I have been a little busy with the homefront, lah.. ;) Hope to see you around sometime..

ayoi --> Prioritize, bro.. prioritize... That's the KEY!!

Next year buat party kecik je kot.. Next next year buat besau balik, okies?

floweRinthedesert said...

khaleeda is so adorable. Rasa cam nak gigit her cheeks! So gebu! What do you feed her??? ;)

Love the pirate cuppies! :D

dillazag said...

Rin --> feed her susu ibu.. :)
she's already on formula during work time, though.. she eats bubur nasi segera tu, and loads of heinz/gerber stuff.. AND she absolutely loves Baby Bites... :)~~

Krista said...

You write very well.