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Friday, August 22, 2008

An ANT Adventure

There is a boy by the name of Anthony. He is Ema's Actuarial Science coursemate from LSE. They have just completed their undergraduate studies and Ant is vacationing around South East Asia. He just came back from Kuching, experiencing the real long-house , complete with the several-hour rides on the skinny-planked boat. You see, he is not into the typical touristy places, shopping malls and the like.

So, when he came to our house for his next stop, we were under a lot of pressure to measure up and let him experience Malaysia off the beaten track. First off, my mom and dad took him to see our neighbour's Malay wedding - so, that's something he's never done before. (Good...) That night, we took him out for a satay experience at the R&R in Kinrara. Turned out that he's had satay before , in London, mind you.. ish.. ish.. ish.. (Not so Good..) Later, we promised to meet up with Ant, Ema and Ki at Hartamas Square for some late supper, so that he really understands that we are all about food, food, food here in Malaysia. Had some lala chilli which was a little chewy for his liking.. (Okay Good...)

Since it was a Sunday night and people actually have work to go to the next day, there's not much to show him that night. My hubby, however, had a brilliant idea of taking him to , where else but, Putrajaya. (btw, it was already 11.30pm by then) So, we did and the following photos kinda captured what we did there.. ;)

So, have fun and do take care wherever you are, Ant! Hope our little outing made it into your little brown exercise book. Oh, and please refrain yourself should you wanna comment on whether or not I am pregnant. I am not. :)~~~

-dillz blogging out-


~ayoi~ said...

The last pic boleh buat cover album la.

And the ANT shadow is also cool!

dillazag said...

Yoi --> The ANT shadow is the coolest... Penat oo...

Amy said...

Aku sangat suka ANT shadow tu..kewL.. lepas ni nak AMY shadow...susah dak nak buat? ehhehe

Amy said...

Aku sangat suka ANT shadow tu..kewL.. lepas ni nak AMY shadow...susah dak nak buat? ehhehe

dillazag said...

amy --> mak aii.. kot ya pun suka takkan nak post sampai 2 kali...
Nama hang ni, part huruf "Y" tu macam mencabar sikit la amy... heh heh heh
BTW, bila nak IKEA ni????