Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Seharian di Kedutaan

The place? Kedutaan Republik Indonesia at Jalan Tun Abdul Razak
Purpose? Had to renew my maid's passport

We were greeted with :
"Kami siap melayani anda dengan mudah, murah, cepat, aman, nyaman dan ramah"
So, here's my assessment on the whole process.

From the gate, we were ushered to the officer in charge of all the formulir. (forms). He took a look at my maid's passport and gave us the correct form, PLUS, he reminded me to photocopy IC majikan.
Form was very very simple - I think I only had to fill in ; Name, Sex, Date of Birth, Name & Address of Majikan, Name & Address of someone to contact back in Indo. No unnecessary information required. :)
Went to photocopy hubby's IC at the photocopy kiosk. The guy went ahead and photocopied the recent permit as well as front and back cover of Parmi's old passport.
There's also a photo booth in case you forgot to bring 4 passport photograph with red background. (He only charged RM10 for the 4 copies)
Then, went to the officer to take our number.
Process wise, we only had to submit our application , pay the guy and the passport will be ready on the same day.
Easy enough? I think so. :)

The fee for a 24 page passport id RM22.00
Is that cheap? Damn right, it's cheap.

Our turn was number 1441. They were currently serving number 1281. The time was at 11:27am. An hour later, they were serving 1376.
All in all we were done by 15:00.
3 and a half hours? Not too bad, la..

What does this really mean? Peaceful as in nobody shouting? Well, it was aman, I guess..

Definitely nyaman. The waiting hall is air-conditioned!

Very the. The officer attending us at the loket lima was so chatty and nice. Even photocopied another page of the old paspor for me. Siap tanya kampung kat mana, you.. heh heh heh

All in all, we walked into the embassy's gate at 11am and walked out at 3pm. Four hours of my life was spent at the Indo Embassy that day.... Out of 5 maximum scoring, I rate them 4. Not bad, la huh?

-dillz blogging out-


Along said...

OK la tu. If only the experience could be the same at any Malaysian government offices. My mom has been trying to get her maids' I-Card for ages but always "system down". Pfftt..

dillazag said...

hah hah hah..
implied meaning sebenarnya....
i still can't make up my mind on our civil services..
the other day we waited for 3 hours to get our maid's special permit approved. padahal, we were just waiting for one officer to sign the paper... lamanya nak conteng.....
hari ni, my hubby only spent 15 minutes to renew our maid's permit.
so, how la?
i guess ours macam ada mood swing, kot...
heh heh heh

Zara in Germany said...

hrmmm...not like the german embassy in malaysia...gile rude


~ayoi~ said...

Some of our Gov dept are improving too. Teringat masa nak buat passport Harith. Dtg Imigresen Wangsa Maju pukul 7.30 pagi and siap semua dlm sejam.

Teringat lak iklan tv zaman 80's "Inikah perkhidmatan kaunter yg cekap?"

dillazag said...

zara --> rude ke? ish ish ish.. takut nak pi germany ni...

ayoi --> agreed. the immigration dept , esp yang buat passport malaysia tu memang nampak the improvement from before. esp with the kiosk thingy... it's not sooo bad in the system side, i have to agree..
but most of all, i think it's the attitude that irks me. they are supposed to be there to help the rakyat. kita ni, customer.. so, tak yah la 'ek' sangat...