Thursday, April 03, 2008

Ken Lee

I just can't get enough of this woman. She is Valentina Hasan, a Bulgarian trying to make it in their version of "American Idol". I just love her quiet confidence. Watch her!

I bet you it'll be tops at any karaoke session you might attend in the future. (I can personally attest to that!) So, please feel free to cut and paste the lyrics for memorizing purposes. I don't mind. heh heh heh
No one ken to ken to sivmen
nor yon clees toju maliveh
When I gez aju zavateh na nalechoo more
new yonuz tonigh molinigh
yon sorra shooo
yes ees shooo, ooo
Ken Lee
tulibu dibu douchoo
Ken Lee
ken lee meju more
Ken Lee
tulibu dibu douchoo
Ken Lee
ken lee meju more

Berhantu, kan? I find myself playing this clip over and over again... And laughing and smiling like a silly cow while staring at my laptop sceen. My colleagues must all think I have finally lost it! heh heh heh
Just love that "tulibu dibu douchoo" part - can't resist it!

If you are like me then you can't get enough of her. So, here's a bit more of her, in a slightly improved (ie. with better English) version. She's called back as a guest artiste in Music Idol - ala William Hung. Cayalah minah ni..

-dillz blogging out-


~ayoi~ said...

Dillz: Abis rosak lagu favorite aku.

Ai defeznezli ken setop laffing.

fadzli said...

hahahahha ... tobidu tobidu

gelak gile every time dengar clip ni

Amy said...

ROTFL ...keh kehh siot betul. :)

dillazag said...

ayoi --> discovery paling the bomb bulan ini!!! :) look out fo ranother clip "Geli Mat".. kelakar bangat, siut..

fadzli --> next session, wajib lagu ken lee ni, bro!!!

amy --> confident giller yang tak tahan tu... heh heh heh

Cik Ros said...

siut la kak pompuan ni. tapi mmg confident.

Anonymous said...

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dillazag said...

cik ros --> tau takpe.. :)

hmmm... ni sapa lak nak buat iklan nih???? ish ish ish

Along said...

mak ai...apa bengapnya minah ni. Tapi takpe, kebengapan dia, menjadi hiburan utk aku...hahahaha..

kot ditengok dek MC, mesti dia nangis..apalah rosak lagu dia dibuatnya..

dillazag said...

along --> tak sengaja tu.. she really thinks she's singing it right. Hence, the ultra confidence! kui kui kui

hinorei said...

ROTFL..literally! hahaha kelakar abiss

Amy said...

You've been tagged kak. It's time to update please,..hihihih

D.N.A.S said...

Hehehe nak salin lyrics. Pasni pegi karaoke, wajib nyanyi lagu Ken Lee nih!

dillazag said...

hinorei --> heh heh heh Tau takpe.. It just tickles my funny bone every single time!!!

amy --> akan ku cubaaaaaa!!!!

dnas --> wajib, kak... wajib... saya pun begitu, dong!!

IBU said...



Adeiii...sakit perut!

sity29 said...

hahahah klaka nya kak dillz!!
kenot setop lafing laaa!!! :P

dillazag said...

ibu --> lama tak nampak.. :) me too.. siap ulang,ulang tayang lagi...

sity29 --> tu ah pasal..