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Saturday, June 07, 2008


Been a while since I made my last entry. While Ken Lee can be very, very funny - I guess it will get a little old after a while.. Before I lose all 4 of my readers out there, I tought I'd better make a cameo once in a while..

Thus, here I am back at it again.. heh heh heh

I just want to rant today. So, if you are not up for it. Come back after a month when my next post might be uploaded. Otherwise, stay.. Whatever, I don't really care..

Life's been a little hectic kind of late. In truth, I am kinda sick of it. Sick of vomitting report after report.. Sick of going to work, back from work at night and waking up wee hours in the morning to have clarity and specificity in what I write in that darn report. Kids are on their term break and I am slogging like a tired old dog. Slotting in Khadra's term homework while pumping for Khaleeda's EBM stock. Even hubby can't secure an appointment to meet me up for lunch! Dad's in the ward for the past 3 weeks for appendicitis and the complications that came with it, and I just came in for a Hi-Hi , Bye-Bye, once in a blue moon. Sometimes, I go visit and end up catching up on lost sleep on Mom's matress/ double duvet on the ward floor. Even worse, there were times I went to the hospital on the pretext to see my Dad to get away from my kids to write that damn report(s). Sheesh! Working damn bloody hard, I tell you. I guess I could just produce a so-so kind of report, leave it up to the team leader to take the heat of my crappy issues. Hah - I wish!

Sometimes, I do wish that I am just a very very wealthy woman who does not have to do this day in and day out. Go for brunches at 11.30 am, meni/pedi appointment before lunch, late lunch with hubby at some ridiculously expensive restaurants that serve you puny portions of meals you can't even pronounce and enjoy a 4-hour pampering spa treatment after. Bila tu, yang??? hah hah hah..

Back to planet Earth..
Told you I just wanted to rant.
Now, back to that darn report...

-dillz blogging out-


klynnismail said...

why does it all seems oh so familiar?

faisto said...

kesian nyer kak dilla.... i hope you can manage to juggle between ur work and ur family...

dillazag said...

klynn --> hah hah hah.. it's a cycle, sis! wa cakap lu.... kejap kat atas, kejap kat bawah... the good thing is, it shows that it is almost time to follow the darn wheel back up!!

faisto --> adakah encik labuan? :) i have missed you, bro.. everything a'ight up there? email me sometimes, okay?

fadzli said...

dila, relax skit, you are not even 2 yrs there!

keep up munching the reports and all da best !

kim salam team leader ya!

Nomee said...

Take care kak. Jangan sampai jatuh sakit. (kang sapa pulak nak habis kan report tu... ngeh.. ngeh.. ngeh..)

dillazag said...

fadzli --> amacam hitech? ada best? :) biasalah... reporting time.. kadang-kadang it just gets a little too much, you know..

nomee --> tu ah pasal.. sakit pun tak dibenarkan ni.. ngeh ngeh ngeh

Along said...

ala...takyah tunggu jadi very rich woman pun nak buat spa pampering...hehehe..mai je along punya spa..very murah one...insya'allah one time come, will be back for more...hehehe..

.ems gems. said...

hoh sabar kangah sabar. :p bawak bawak mengucap. hehe

dillazag said...

along --> i loike.. i loike.. :)

emz --> i AM going to phuket, sist!!!! heh heh heh

~ayoi~ said...

Welcome back, ibu! Saya asyik menunggu kapan ibu akan pulang. Hehehe.

I think you need to have a scheduled getaway la, hun. Since your work load dah control your life, make it a schedule to go for a getaway with the love ones. Lepak Sunway Lagoon pun ok apa over the weekends.

Enjoy life, sis