Saturday, January 14, 2006

Birthday Post

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Aaaahhh… At about 11pm , we picked up the kids (Yup, both of them) from home to get me a slice of birthday cake to celebrate the moment. Clad in their pajamas, they were both jumping up and down, so eager to finally be out of the house. Me and Kakak went down at Starbucks in Telawi and got a slice of blueberry cheese. Ayeeq waited patiently with his Ayah in the car, honking once in a while (Ayeeq, that is) On the strike of midnight, it was a quitequiet celebration for me - just the nucleus family.. Kakak was leading the choir of 3 singing "Happy Birthday to You".. :) Then, I ripped off all the prezzies I received before hand - a selendang from my clerk, Kak Leha; a Guess pouch from my boss, Datin and her daughter, Satila — she told me to use it for my gigs (How sweet!!!) and a specially illustrated collector’s edition of Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons courtesy of my hubby (been waiting to rip this one off since two weeks back! - can’t wait to read it!!)

I am on leave tomorrow, so what to do? What to do? Early in the morning, I followed Azrul to Xair in Plaza Damas. Got to chat with my sissy, Ema in London through YM. That was good… I really missed her.. Received a few SMSes / calls / e-mails / YM messages to wish me a happy birthday. Among others were from Ewa, Illa, Zizie, Ema, Boy, Munz, Eski, Lily, Syed, Su, Che Nah.. (Thanks guys!)

We had a lunch date with Datin and Satila at California Pizza Kitchen in KLCC. We had two pizzas, the pepperoni sausage thingy and the tomato and cheese. Also, my favourite BBQ Chicken Salad, and the Seafood Marinara. (heran ya, kena minta explicitly for them not to add the wine in the marinara) We selected KLCC ‘coz it was the easiest most convenient place for Azrul to perform his Sembahyang Jumaat. Had a really good lunch and I sent Azrul off to Plaza Damas before heading back home. It so happens that my grandma on my daddy’s side passed away on the 6th of January 2002. So, every single year on my birthday since, we will have a gathering of sort at one of my dad’s sibling’s house for a rememberance tahlil. This year, it was at Pondok Azlul - my daddy’s crib. So, that was the plan for tonight.

Before going to Pondok Azlul, I had to make a loop to collect Kira at S14, PJ back from tuition and Azrul at Damas. Along the way, I planned to get a Secret Recipe cake for the tahlil. Little did we know that the Mother-of-All-Jam was waiting for us.. Been raining the whole evening. So, flash floods la.. apa lagi??? The whole journey that would normally take me 1hr (max) - took me 3 frigging hours. It was soo bad that night that we arrived in Puchong at 10pm and had to have our dinner straight away. (So lapar already, lah) Makan was gggrreat! It was kinda a pot luck thing - kampung-style. Rice with masak lemak ikan kering with nenas, ketam goreng, sotong tepung, masak lemak pucuk ubi kayu, an assortment of ulams and sambal belacan, sayur kacang goreng, and more! The tahlil only started at 11pm. (Hey, no one can be kusyu’ on an empty stomach, right?)

Anywho, after the whole thing was done, we had the cake cutting ceremony. And a lovely feast on my White Chocolate Macadamia cake — simply scrumptious!!!! Then, everybody went home, happy (-ier) and fat (-ter)… heh heh heh

.The End.

p.s. : Notice that the main theme of the day was where and what I ate. Aaaahhh… Nevermind, I’ll start going to the gym in February…

p.p.s. : Maybe I’ll post some pictures after this. Dang the 50 picture/month limit! I am almost max-ing out!

-dillz blogging out-

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