Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Back at it. I hope.

Hey there!!!

Been a long, long while, hasn't it? Well, let me keep you updated with the family status right now. 

Me - currently maintaining my weight circa 58-59kg. Always that topic, kan? The constant battle of staying on the right side of the scale. I don't really know since the weighing scale in the bathroom has been showing "Err" since a month back. kikikiki. I do remember that time when I weighed 66kg way back when. So maintaining this is good, but it could be better. Have had a HHTA (Hot Hot Chicken Shit for the uninitiated) attempt to finish the Bikini Body Guide (BBG) for the first time ever a couple months back but yeah, that didn't happen. hahahaha. I might find some flicker of drive to restart it one day. Maybe. Been eating fairly healthily. Alhamdulillah. I used to cook a lot when we first moved into the new house. Now my schedule is kinda haywire with the kids schedule, mostly. What else is new, right? There has been a little bit of travelling too. Will get into it when we get into it later, ok? 

Inche Suami - well he is Turning 40 this year. Alhamdulillah. Generally healthier now. Double alhamdulillah. 

Khadra - Off to a boarding school now. It's her second year now. She is exploring new things like orchestra and choral speaking ; as well as pursuing things that she already loves - dancing, singing and Girl Guiding. So that is keeping her busy. Like really busy. Alhamdulillah.

Khaleeq - Finishing off his first year of secondary school in a couple of weeks! Can't believe it!! We are currently working on quite a bit with him. The main one is his triathlon series to boost his morale and also to work on the physical side. He has also started taking formal art classes to explore his creativity. Academics are also on the plate. Well a little bit of it, at least. hahahaha The final one in the mix is his scouting activities for his social skills, discipline and teamwork. Interesting to see how these individual projects pan out. 

Khaleeda - My ever so busy little diva. Still doing a lot of things this year - ballet, rhythmic gymnastics, cheerleading, dance, running, drama, recycle art club etc. Trying to get her to slot in some study time too to balance it all out. Lots of stories to tell about her.

Kharis Jawhar - he just turned two a week back! So yeah! That's gonna be a post on its own! hahaha

I plan to write quite regularly from now on. By regular, maybe a post a week kinda regular. (Let's not over promise now shall we) Mainly coz I miss writing. (Haaa!! Dan rindu tulis audit report lettew. Sapa suruh resign???? hahahahaha) Also coz I don't want to forget the good and bad memories in my life. I used to write and write a lot. I wrote about my early miscarriages after Khaleeda. Both of them, I think. And as I read the posts, I was taken back to that time when it happened just like it was yesterday. However, I kinda slacked off from blogging after that and I didn't even write about the pregnancy with the twins. Yes, they were the ones expected to be delivered around a year before Kharis was born. That was when my heart was broken to a million pieces. I kinda remembered it in general but no detailed recollection of what actually happened, blow by blow, you know. So I kinda regret not penning that down. So yeah. Let's try. Insya Allah. Here's to more writing. 


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