Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Tazkirah Ibu

I recently received an e-mail from my mom with the subject title "Please print hard copies all the notes I fwded to all of you and file them up. Most important teach your children. I have made it easier for you, doing the research since I understand you are all busy with work etc."

So, I immediately got into action. A direct instruction on the subject field of an e-mail. Who am I to disobey, right? Mom had been sending us interesting articles and stuff that she found on the Internet for some time already. I think probably when she first got her iPad2. You know stuff like "Carrots, Eggs & Coffee", "VitaminD revealed to be miracle anti-cancer drug with astonishing chemical properties", "Hidden health plusses in tea and coffee", various do'as and the likes. It was around October 2012 that she sent all her kids an email entitled "Belajar Dan Amalkan Ilmu AlQuran" and wrote a heartfelt note for us all as a reminder. This was the point when she decided to send us notes on what she has learnt as the days go by. She calls it "Tazkirah Ibu". I have shared a photo of some of her notes over in Instagram and some of my friends are interested to know what it says. 

  So I thought, yeah, why not. I'm starting a series of Tazkirah Ibu here on my blog. Gives me the material to start blogging too. Hihihihihihi.

So, here's my official comeback to the blogging world. (Oh how I have forsaken thee) and I will leave you with my mummy's note. A reminder for you and also for me.
"To All Our Offsprings,
Please take time to read this and share with your spouses and offsprings. Ibu ,on behalf of Encik ,will try to extend to you everyweek, please compile so you can transfer this treasure to your own children.

For your info,Mak Itam and her surau committee is conducting Kelas Tafsir Alquran every Wednesday and I will try to attend whenever possible at the surau near Mak Itam's house. I will also extend these notes to you so you can compile them for your own family. Maybe we could also forward to you notes from otner majlis ilmu that we attend.

I decided to do this because both Encik and I have been trying to talk to you all about the importance of acquiring knowledge (menuntut Ilmu) specifically the knowledge of Islam.

For people of your age group ,since you are so busy with work and kids,it is not easy to juggle your time so start with the habit by attending majls2 ilmu to top up our amalan yang sangat sedikit ini. Actually it is the easiest and smartest way to kumpul pahala, you just need to make the effort to attend. Insyaallah jika di panjangkan umur,boleh lah terus belajar secara lebih aktif selepas pencen, Amin.

You can practise "smart ibadat" eg listening to radio ,cd ceramah and bacaan alquran (eg radio Ikim) in the car, watching tv programmes eg tv9, tv3, tv1 ,astro there is plenty of such programmes.Train your children same way, make them hafal all the important doas as I did to you all on way to Sri Petaling, Sri Aman, remember? This is the best age to lentur the buluh ie masa rebung.Kalau dah keras susah nak ajar,nanti mereka akan melawan, buat maksiat ,tak mahu solat, you are the ones who will suffer. Fyi at my age I am still hafaling surah2 penting in the car while driving.

Jangan terlalu ghairah cari harta dan kemasyhuran dunia sampai jauhkan diri dari Allah walhal Allah yang beri kita semua rezeki. Allah can withdraw anything at anytime from us if he decides to do so. Of course usaha untuk harta dunia mesti di teruskan juga tapi jangan sampai lupa Allah. There are so many young people who die due to heartattacks etc. Nothing can help them except amal jariah, ilmu yang bermenafaat and doa anak 2 yang soleh.Those without all these bekalan die Muflis, nothing can help them. Kesian mereka. Nauzubillah.

It is not too late for you my beloved children to tingkatkan your keimanan to Allah. Of course start minta ampun dari Allah, banyak2 istighfar, Allah maha pengampun. Minta ampun dosa2 lepas dan start afresh. It is never too late.Kita boleh taubat sebelum nyawa di cabut. Jaga dan lengkapkan solat dan amalkan rukun Islam, rukun Iman dan jangan buat yang dilarang. As simple as that!

Teach the kids doa2 harian, Start everything with Bismillah and bersyukur with Alhamdulillah. Make it a habit so Syaitan will not get inside them and easily astray them. I don't want you to regret later for not bringing up your children mengikut ajaran Islam sebenar.

Ibu and Encik do not want you all to regret later, when we are di alam barzakh(kubur) (remember all humans will die) , nothing else can help us to reduce the azab seksa and seterusnya masuk syorga except amal/sedekah jariah yg di buat semasa hidup, ilmu yang dimanafaatan oleh orang yang masih hidup dan doa anak2 yang soleh. Just imagine kalau kita sendiri hidup tak pernah bersedekah, beramal, baca AlQuran, doa dan buat baik kepada ibu bapa, would you expect your children to do the same to you? Kalau anak tak solat cukup macam mana doanya nak sampai, kalau tak pernah baca quran macam mana ayat2 Quran nak datang tolong kita dikubur semasa nak kena gigit ular dan sesengkala etc? This the kind of Ilmu that I want my children and my menantus and my cucu cicit to pelajari dan amalkan. They must know this so that they appreciate and practise.These knowledge does not come in one manual that you can buy from the bookshops like MPH, Popular Book Store etc. They have to be acquired from majlis2 ilmu, tazkirah, ceramah. Because ibu and encik know you are too busy to attend majls ilmu that is why we are trying to find best way to share with you all.

Also please try to get your children to hafal AlQuran. Tak semestinya 30 juzuk. Now is the time kalau boleh mulai umur 4 tahun dah boleh hantar kelas AlQuran. Start from Tadika Islam.At least one in the family should be a tahfiz.

I have decided to write this note since both Encik and I don't seem tobe able to get us together for our own mini majlis ilmu / baca Quran.Actually we have so much to transfer to you all but we never seem tobe able to be together full quorum long enough at any one session. Maybe you all discuss to solve this issue and put forward your suggestions to us."
Just an honest sharing and reminder from a mom. Thank you mom, we all need reminders some time. Me heart you long time.

-dillz blogging out-


Nic said...

Dillz, bestnya u.. I wish my mom still here coz although she cant send email but she definitely will call and remind me on all puasa sunat days etc.

dillazag said...

Lama tak jumpa babe.
I guess all moms have that natural tendency to remind us on these things don't they? Orally or as in my case through an email.