Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Me? I've always tried to be on the Health track. Be it my stints at the gymnasium, cutting down on my food intake - sugar, condensed milk and the likes, drinking lots and lots of water etc. Just to add to that, lately I have been on a NO RICE diet. Been going on for a while now, I think around 2 plus months already. The rule is simple, eat whatever whenever as long as it is NOT rice. #anythingbutnasi if you may.

It is not too much to ask from me, I think because the alternatives are aplenty. I get my carbohydrates from eating pasta, bread, potatoes and the likes. It has also made me frequent my kitchen more. As my kids would normally have rice for dinner, so I end up fixing my own dinner after work. It's been quite a creative adventure in the kitchen too. Trying to come up with something that is supported by my pantry and fridge content as well as the NO rice policy. But, because of this I have tried and made:

Aglio olio spaghetti. 
Chicken and mushroom baked spaghetti 
Roast chicken salad
Midnight breakfast pan
Roast chicken sandwich 
Pasta bake
It gets a little harder when attending functions or when there's a makan-makan do at the office sometimes. As much as I could, I would opt for just the lauk-pauk sans the rice. As I would when having lunch at the office cafetaria at times. Other times, I could opt for the variety of mee / meehun and kueytiew soup / curry / Bandung / tomyam / goreng.
There was even one occasion when they had nasi lemak as the main dish. So I went down to MyNews and bought a loaf of Gardenia bread. Roti cicah sambal ikan bilis lah kittew.  Yummeh!

As a reward, I do allow myself some cheat meals. For example, I have cheated for Hassan Ayam Kampung and Nasi Ayam Chee Ming. Another that I would cheat for is nasi kandar hameediyah in Penang. I mean, I don't want to deny myself totally. Just trying to cut down on rice and stay as far away from it as I can for now.

It has shown some results, I guess. People have commented that I looked "kurus sikit" but it doesn't show on the weighing scale. Hewhewhew. Takpe la, but I do feel healthier and not as bloated. And that is a good thing!

-dillz blogging out-


Mommy Ja said...

i hate u.. for your food photos.. urgh!!!! sudah terliur nak makan semua, how? :-))


dillazag said...

Can makan all. #anything but nasi maa, Ja! hihihihihihi