Friday, October 28, 2011

Rumahku Syurgaku - Part 2

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One of the things that have kept me busy the past couple of weeks have been the furnishing of our home. If you can recall earlier, we bought the condo unit next door to ours and the major infrastructure works (complete rewiring, plaster ceiling, lighting, kitchen, toilets etc) has been completed sometime in February 2011. Come October 2011, the furnishing is still not done. hahahahahaha... But we have, however, made some very very significant progress. So, housewarming is not in the calender as yet sebab forevernya Work-in-Progress. Makanya kawan-kawan if you wanna, just drop me a BB message, sms or call ibefore you come visit. Amatlah dialu-alukan. :)

It has to be stressed that I am one who tries to find a "home" to everything that we have. For example, the heaps of stationeries need to be sorted and housed into a specific container / drawer. I need to know where to find them and I can be quite anal about it. So, it has taken me long-er than most to complete the furnishing. Plus, no Bibik in the world can help me with that. The "Mem" has to decide and carry it out. Darn it!

Also, we have applied the "don't buy anything until you are sure of it" and "mix and match furnishing". Maka, it is not as easy as buying the 3+2+1 sofa set for us. Hasilnya, there has been a number of rights and misses along the way, but it's OK. We do learn along the way.. :)

Anyways, the main objective of this post is to share with you what we have added to the house since. So far, I have not shared any "after" pictures here, so I can very well start anywhere, right? hihihihihi


The new "wing" now constitutes of the new Master Bedroom, Khaleeq's room, library, my "dry" / show kitchen and laundry area. We also redid the two toilets. The living area (with no TV) and main dining are in this wing too.

So, where to start, where to start? How about I start from the library? I love that room. I love the fact that we even decided to have one to begin with.

We decided that a book shelf is key! Therefore we custom built one complete with a ladder and the switches for the lights, air-conditioner and fan embedded at the side. When it first came, the space for the books resembled more like tempat baju, too deep, if you get what I mean. And it made the entrance too cramped and the room much smaller than it is. So the builders took it off once again and cut them to the size that I was happy with. The other end of the room opens up to a little balcony ala Juliet's. We decided to paint the doors white and up till now we have not decided on what to do to that area as yet. I probably want to have my pots of herbs there. We'll see..

When I started putting my books in, I realized that they were not all the same size. The novels were smaller, while the illustrated encyclopedia types were much larger. So it didn't quite make sense that all the shelves were the same size, right? Some words with the builders later, I was given a better organization for my books. It could fit much more without having to "make do" with stacking two lines of novels in one shelving. The ladder itself was a genius idea. It made reaching to high places a breeze. The construction is quite sturdy, it glides from one end to another by lifting the ladder a little before sliding it. My kids have tried climbing up and down the ladder but I try to keep their books within the lower portion of the book shelf. So, I'm quite happy with how it turned out in the end.

The wall that opens up to the balcony? Well, we decided to drape it all with patterned curtains and sheers to give that feel that it's larger than it is. (Curtains adalah one-stop solution from Macy's, Sungai Besi.) We decided on a simple wall light and a clock piece we found in a quaint shop in Solaris Mont Kiara. It worked well with the 4 white downlights and T-5 lights on the ceiling.

To finish it all up, we have only just installed the wall paper treatment some 2 weeks ago. The motive is the outline of skyscrapers with white background. It gives it a clean, coffee shop feel to the room. To complete the look, I moved my 2 arm chairs over (kidnapped from the living room). I think it now needs a little coffee table and maybe a stand lamp yang cantik to complete my reading experience. :) I'll be on a look out for that. On the other wall, I have the kids' schoolbooks and worksheets, our stationery cupboard and a doodle drawer . I have yet to finalize the arrangement and feel. As of now, we are just using what we already have in the house. Can lah.

Pictures a through d are the arrangement of the stationery cupboard. While e and f is of the doodle drawer.

a is where you can find the normal stationery stuff - pencils, erasers, rulers, highlighters, markers in one drawer and adhesives, tapes, stickers, stapler bullets in the other.

Warning: These items are chargeable to my kids. I find it a very effective learning tool. Kalau tak asyik hilangggg aje pensil, rubber and pembaris. Acik dah tak tahan. So, every lost stationery is charged at 50sen per item. Itu pun dah kira subsidi tau. My rulers cost RM1.80 each. hihihihi So far, even Khaleeda has to pay. It's so cute, she'll come with her tabung to buy a pencil. Tu la, lain kali, jaga elok-elok sikit..

b keeps all the colours. Pencil colour, crayons and magic colours.

is all that you need to paint - smocks, aprons, old cloth, pastel colours, water colours, brushes and pallettes.

is my A4 - sized printer paper and coloured paper. As well as the place where I stash the loot I got from the Big Bad Wolf sale. Shhh....

is of course my favourite. We have googly eyes - small/medium/large, pipe cleaners, pom-poms, ice-cream sticks, feathers (small/large), stickers, scrapbooking stuff, laces, remnants, plasticine, tools like glue gun, styrofoam cutter, leather puncher, cutters, cutting board, etc. Basically, all that you might need for arts and crafts. We call it our Doodle Drawer (ambik feel Art Attack sikit)

f is where I keep the arty papers - crepe papers, manilla cards, wrapping papers...

The work is not done, however, I still have to sort out the mess that is pictured above. Old mails, recycleable items etc. Good to see that the pile has lessened from a mountain to a hill and hopefully soon to a mole. Entah bila lagi la nak buat tu, but I shall trudge along and keep at it. :)

Here's another project that we have been at. I bought three pieces from #apebarang by the very talented @stoodlerist. We fell right in love with the I LOVE series and commissioned 6 more! hihihihi.. So, we now have 9 to be framed and displayed in the library later. I am looking for a frame shop as I type this. So, when the space is all ready, I'll update it here lah, ya. :)

That's all we have so far from the library. Next Friday cerita pasal bilik lain pulak. :P

-dillz blogging out-


The Momster said...

lovely! and i am so like you coz i don't want a 3+2+1 set too! n i need to know where to find everything as well :)

good job done!

Didie said...

Sangat suka ur stationery cupboard!! Nak tiru!!

Anonymous said...

haih, bila la aku nak datang duduk itu sofa di libraby sambil minum kopi cicah biskut.. dengan angin sepoi2 bahasa masuk dr tingkap... :)


Aapitz said...

Kak dillz, luv the idea of draping the whole wall of your balcony wall...

Mmg sgt bagi ilussion yang balcony tuh luas. Like it the very.... Good job!

dillazag said...

Hang anak nombor dua ka? Kalau ya, memang sah la wei.. hihihihi :)
It's not yet done, but the space has been port budak-budak buat homework and baca buku and buat art and chill tengok iPad. SO I really need to sort the mess out ASAP. Tapi, good enough la for now. :)

dillazag said...

Tiru sekali kaedah pembayaran tu. (saya baru tambah and update) Aku dah start charge, pandai pulak jaga barang. Diorang ni ingat apa? Ada Czip Lee ke dalam almari tu? hihihihihi

dillazag said...

Ko bawak biskut Sweden tu je. Sett!!! Cer tengok-tengokkan meja kecik yang sesswai utk tgh tgh tu. Nak letak mug kopi. :)

Angai sepoi sungguh kalau hujan Aje... Bliss....

dillazag said...

Kan???? Tu ah, rumah dah sedia kecik, kena bagi ilusi optik sikit.. :)

Anonymous said...

Love love love the idea of ur stationery n doddle drawers! But I don't know if it'll work the charging method w my kids! I'd prolly end up w anthr stress factor finding ada je something missing fr d drawers! Seriously, if I were a kid I pun can't resist looking at all those irresistable craft goodies!! Haha

Ps: yes it was me floweRin ;)

Anonymous said...

Uh oh u know I meant doodle. Issshhh. Sorry hadta correct d typo. I'm weird like dat! ;p

KS said...

Bestnya library you! So organized! Saya tunjuk kat syed dia kata "kak dilla mmg gitu.." :-)

I pon nak buat macam you - charge 50sen untuk pencil. Tak tahan almost everyday hilang.

Ok next room please.. Hehehe..

KS said...

Oh btw kak, yang apabarang tu boleh lukis apa aja based on apa customer nak? Ke memang ada design dah sedia we just pick which one we like?

dillazag said...

I thought it was you.. Muah muah the grammarnazi..
I have an idea. Have your doodle drawer high up! hihihihihi

Next review hari Jumaat. Kalau tak habis bahan aku, dik oiiii... :)
Apebarang tu ikut apa yang dia jual kat online store. But she does commissioned arts too. I only had to pay rm5 more than the normal online price. but no need to wait to grab the art and I get to tell her what I want on the canvas too. works for me. Saya tak sabar nak tunggu minggu depan when the frame is ready. Yeay!

Along said...

OMG..I love your chargeable concept!! I must used this on my kids also. One would think they EAT their pencils...hari2 nak kena ganti!! Grrrr...

Love the progress so far...but I wanna wait until the final reveal before coming over. Hehehehe...

dillazag said...

hahahahaha... Tu lah dia, masalah yang sama untuk ibu-ibu yang ada anak bersekolah rendah (?). So far, terkawal lah sikit. Alhamdulillah...

Anonymous said...

Love love 'em all...

dillazag said...

Trimas, my lady. hihihihihi